I was leaving Wal-Mart yesterday, and there on the ground, unattended and apparently unnoticed by anyone else walking by, was Draculaura! Of course I picked her up immediately, and took her to my car, and brushed her hair. Then I brought her home to be a mascot beside my computer.

Now, this is a Monster High ghoul, but there’s an undeniable, intense significance to my finding a plastic doll on the ground and bringing it home. Additionally, as soon as I set her down inside the house and went to put groceries away, Little Cat started dragging her around by the hair. It doesn’t get much more appropriate than that, eh?

I consider this an auspice. This past Monday, just at the end of the day (in other words, just at the end of the weekend), I thought of a HoH idea (the 60’s story in Nine Decades, in case anyone’s curious) that had me so excited I was doing a sort of pee-dance all week in anticipation of working on it this weekend. And what kicks off that very weekend? A clear HoH symbol, as if specifically to bless my endeavor.

This is just ridiculously awesome.