OK, to start out with, I’ve worked on both TLY and Forgivably Wrong, but have nothing to say about thems. And there was one day I was supposed to work on them and didn’t all that much, because I made the mistake of starting my day with editing. I know better than that — I know perfectly well I get into a certain frame of mind while editing that doesn’t lend itself well to new writing afterward — but I was excited for editing that day. It works the other way around, so other times I’ve concentrated on getting the new writing work done first and the editing after.

So this is a bit of archive stuff — my tagging project continues, slowly but surely, as I edit all the stories and simultaneously determine which content tags they need. It’s every bit as fun as it has been, but, as I mentioned before, I need to be careful about when I work on it.

I’ve reached the point where I’ve rendered outdated the contents of the entire first set of Saitou & Sano audio recordings. It’s going to be fun, too, re-recording all of those. The initial recording is always the most fun part, after all :D

And of course the Saitou & Sano ebooks are outdated too, but I’m not fixing those as I go; I’m waiting until all the stories are edited, and then I’ma split the ebooks in three this time. I think it’s more convenient on the reader’s end to have fewer files to deal with (and I don’t know what I’m going to use as a cover for the third one), but aside from the fact that I’m not sure anyone uses the ebook files, it’s also a lot easier on my end to deal with slightly less unwieldy collections.

Anyway, some good work is going on, and I’m enjoying myself. So there.

Heretic’s Reward chapter 25 — This chapter is about halfway done. Maybe 2/3, even. It’s a tricky one, because it’s got the first of the revolutionary meetings in it. I want to give a good idea of what these meetings are like so the reader will fill in something similar for the next four… but I honestly don’t want to describe this meeting in all that much detail. Hopefully I can get by with a judicious blend of detailed moments and summarization. Then we can get back to Enca, and eventually reunite Sano with Hajime.

This story is also currently the one being edited, and I’m six chapters in. I know I mentioned this back when I was tagging lengths and such, but, damn, I can’t believe how long Heretic’s Reward is! I may have been deceived by a relatively short chapter standard, but my eyes are open now — I’m creeping up on 100k words here! And that’s not counting the interludes! It’s not impossible this may turn into my longest story, and I never expected that. Guess I’m not complaining, though… more Saitou & Sano = more love in my life!!

Nine Decades — Whilst describing plastic doll adventure recently, I mentioned a story in this collection that I was ridiculously excited about. To nobody’s surprise, when it came time to start in on that, I got the whole thing done in one sitting. My joy at the idea has not lessened.

As I indicated, this is the 60’s story, which means it’s smack in the center of the eponymous nine decades. As such, I don’t mind that, contrary to what I said about the nature of this collection at the outset, it’s got a couple of things in it that Duo has referred to pretty specifically in other places in the series. Actually I kinda like the middle story containing that sort of anchor to the rest of HoH.

Though it may not end up being precisely in the middle. This most recent weekend I was working on the 50’s story (which, guess what! is freaking sad!), and reflecting that I really would very much like to have this be a collection of eighteen rather than nine stories, with half of them about Trowa. I was lamenting that I still didn’t have any ideas for Trowa stories to make that wish a reality, when suddenly I got an idea for a Trowa story!!! And, having done so, I found a bit more light shed on the other decades, so I’m that much closer to subsequent ideas about him!! How exciting is that!

In other HoH news, I’ve also started working on a story called After-Dinner Brandy, which is about the long, explanatory conversation Trowa essentially promised to have with the Winner parents in Confy. It’s going to be an interesting look into Trowa’s history, and one reason I’d really like to get his potential Nine Decades stories mapped out is that I want to coordinate which story (and, consequently, whether narration or dialogue) will be describing which aspects of his past.

I have a checklist of what I’m going to work on over the weekend, organized roughly by day, and for the past long while Nine Decades has occupied the Monday slot. But I think I’ma generalize that and just list His Own Humanity instead, since that’s really what that day is for. It’s rare I hit only Nine Decades and not some other HoH story as well, so I might as well make it official.

I believe I’m going to start the actual writing on both the Aoshi & Soujirou story (whose working title I don’t much like) and Communication Skill, because I’ve been lazy about the summaries and want to force myself to get them done XD It’ll be nice to have them definitively in progress in any case.