Here’s Waybee sneepin’ (or trying to sleep, if people would stop taking pictures of her) between two pillows:


Then look at this groggy dog all wrapped up like a Roman senator:


Work shenanigans:

I… don’t actually remember why I was doing this.

Later, at home, Beeks beaning on the bed:


The squirrels in my yard are so cute.

Lee requested I document my double-BB8 times (dress + pendant), so I did:


Often when I talk about Galileo or take pictures of him, he gets annoyed and puts his ears back.

He is so damn cute.

So what’s the next best thing to a box? Just some cardboard on the floor.

Also look at Beeky!!


I was obsessed with this little cat at work named Batman.

I took, like, twenty pictures of him that were mostly even more blurry and useless than these.

I wished he could become my cat.


Look how cute my feet look in my new work shoes: