I haven’t LODITEE’d in quite a while, because I’ve been fortunate not to have a lot of deep-touching life events occur in recent years. And in considering this one, and how I should write it up in my journal, I’ve managed at last to put my finger on why it is that LODITEE exists in the first place.

The reason is extremely simple: I don’t like to make journal entries about my thoughts and emotions relating to major life events because I’m saving those thoughts and emotions to use later in stories. And once you’ve taken away that aspect of the experience, what else is there to say? Might as well not make a post about it at all, right? Apparently this is how I think XD

But some things do need to be documented, and I suppose there’s even a chance someone following this archive might be interested in knowing. So my announcement is as follows: as of June 6, I am long-distance dating a wonderfully adorable and fascinating woman named Lee whom I met online.

If this doesn’t seem like the most earth-shattering announcement anyone’s ever made, just consider that I am somewhat asexual, picky as shit, and that I haven’t dated anyone in about eight years. In any case, I am very happy about it. And now it is documented.