TWIP: game stuff, LA’s, stickers


This is so important:

While we played that game and made very important arrangements of tokens, Beeks curled up under the counter:


OK, so I made brother hand-model for me, because the stock photo I’m using as a reference for Merpoleon’s upper body is too small to work well for the hands:

And it took, like, thirty seconds for the animals to get involved in this process:

Animals like to be involved in processes, such as folding laundry.

And nothing in the world draws an animal to you quicker than trying to take a picture of what it’s suddenly no longer doing.


An empty spot on my scrub shelf draws animals pretty quickly too, though.



I take pictures of cats from every conceivable angle and then save far too many of them.

But I also took a picture of my new PSY album:

Because I wanted to show someone the stickers that came with it:


For anyone that hasn’t played Dixit, this is what the playing pieces look like:

I always play with the pink one. In that picture you can still see some of my Ludvig bandages, too.

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