The older I get, the more difficult it becomes to remember to start my birthday countdown. It should have started on July 27th this year! Right now I’m putting an entry on the calendar for July 26th of next year so I won’t forget again! Because this shit is important, yo.

Anyway, today it is 29 days until I turn 37. In unrelated news, I got bitten three or four times by a 130lb great Dane named Ludvig last week.

Here’s what it looked like soon after the fact:

As you can see, the punctures aren’t actually all that bad; the real damage was the pressure to my already inflamed hand/wrist.

And then several days later:

The head doctor and another co-worker also got bitten by this same dog.

I was wearing my arthritis pressure gloves at the time, and here you can see the little punctures his toofers made in the right one:

Some animals just get really silly when they’re coming out of anesthesia. Either they wonder why they’re not Nicki Minaj, or they bite the crap out of people.

It still kinda hurts like hell a week later, but it’s healing. What I hate most, I think, is the constant taste of antibiotics in my mouth. No matter what I eat, it comes back about ten minutes later. And I have to keep taking them until Monday.