Let’s start out with Little Cat sneeping sweetly in a tight curl!

And here’s an update on the back-of-hand bitemarks:


Co-worker’s new kittin:


Waybee denies Hiko access to his dinosaur:

[wpvideo ysn2fUZF]


Blick sent me a cat toy along with the colored pencils I ordered:


Look at this medical record. Ignore my handwriting. Just note the single parenthesis. It is so cute.


I was texting, and Swype suggested what I should do next.

And then on the same day, it did this one:

Swype was in rare form that day.


We all know what happened on 8/21/17 in North America, right?

What I found most interesting about the eclipse was the weird quality of the light outside before and after. So I took a bunch of pictures of the back yard and myself in the back yard.

Cat sits on scrub shelf:


Here’s Swype helpfully suggesting stuff again:

At least this time it’s accurate XD


And in this case I had to re-type “probably” because I didn’t believe I’d really seen what Swype suggested correctly. Turned out I had seen it correctly.

And that’s all for this two weeks, folks!