We open with the cutest dog asleep and then awake on my pillow:


And speaking of sleeping animals…

Yes, he was sleeping like that. He wasn’t just checking something in the door or something. Sleeping.


Someone kindly left this flier for us:

“Unrealistic story?” Well, at least they’re honest about it.


A freshly clean Hiko:

You can see why his tail always dries first:

Hiko scratches his newly clean face and ears on the bed in a motion we refer to as worfulling or wherfulling:
[wpvideo 6XO0nSBM]


Galileo and Tokio getting along for once ever:


We went to walk Manitou Springs to celebrate my birthday. For some reason brother wanted me to take this picture of him, so I did:

Also I found some Napoleons to send to Lee:

Then we went home and had my delicious cake:


Look at the funny way this dog was sleeping (she only opened her eyes when I got near to take a photo):