I’m not going to get into details here. Just know that restaurants often give us too many napkins, and then we use them for subsequent meals XD


If there is a coat or jacket draped over this end of the couch, Galileo will always sit on it.

I got some new tires in preparation for driving to Kansas City, and one of them came with a free gift:


Tokio guards Hiko’s dinosaurs so he can’t play with them:

Cat at work I had to take a picture of for Lee:


We do rabbit neuters at work, and they’re a huge pain in the ass for various reasons. Sometimes the owners don’t realize their rabbit is female, though, and then bunny gets sent home since we don’t do rabbit spays. Our cat lady (who also checks in rabbits) lately has taken to letting us know the outcome of the rabbit check-in in an interesting way. And on this occasion I chose to add a response.


I drove to Kansas City (selected because it’s the halfway point between me and Lee), and we hung out for a few days. We went to the Kansas City Zoo, so of course you get the usual lineup of zoo selfies:

And check out these creepy doors with their rusty padlock:

They’d be a lot creepier if someone hadn’t drawn a silly face on them, but whatevs. I also saw a giant locusty thing:

We had intended to visit the T-Rex Cafe, but its Kansas City location closed just as we were making our plans for this trip. So I decided to make any restaurant we did go to into a makeshift T-Rex Cafe.


We visited the Museum at Prairiefire in Overland Park, and the parking garage had a wonderful elevator sign:

The museum itself is super cool-looking, too:

Inside, there’s this awesome screen that puts CGI dinosaurs into the lobby. Then you can design your own dinosaur and give it a name, and, if you stand in just the right place, interact with it. We could have spent all day doing this.

Of course the problem with this type of setup is that you get a lot of pictures of yourself not faux-interacting with dinosaurs but taking pictures of yourself. It was still awesome, though.

The lighting was very bad for getting any photos of the T-rex skeleton, but I’m posting it anyway:

We did eventually make it into the actual exhibit, which is currently about space and colonizing Mars and stuff. Have some weird selfies:

Outside the museum there was a statue of these best friends:

Then we got some barbecue:


The Museum of Toys and Miniatures was the best part of this vacation, and I don’t have words for how mind-blowingly awesome it is. I took a few pictures just to give some vague idea of what it’s like, but you just have to go there. Seriously go there.

This fucking thing. They have this “exploded” version of the tiniest of cabinets to show the fucking WORKING DRAWERS and their, like, dovetails and shit. It is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

The toy section was not nearly as interesting as the miniatures section (though it did inspire a fair amount of HoH Duo musings), but I had to take a picture of this nine-foot-tall dollhouse:

Seriously that museum.

Then we might have gone back to the Cheesecake Factory T-Rex Cafe a second time.

Next was the Sea Life Aquarium.

In the glass tunnel there was a ginormous ray chillin’ on the ceiling. Normally I don’t take pictures of just things I see on vacation without any of the vacationing people in the shot, but this guy…

Here I am too for scale, though, priestess of the giant ray:

The room full of crabs was badass, but mostly lit very poorly for photos except for the one made out of soda cans:

I tried anyway to get a shot with the huge huge Japanese crab because he was so great:


Then I came home and was greeted by Hiko:


A package came in the mail, and someone set it on the coffee table. Galileo immediately jumped on it because it’s a box, but he’s not supposed to be on the coffee table, so brother moved the box to the floor. But then Galileo instead curled up on the jacket that was also on the coffee table:

So brother shooed him off of there and moved the jacket to the couch, where Galileo immediately curled up again: