I worked the Saturday two weeks ago, and also I haven’t actually taken all that many pictures over the last four weeks. So here we go.


There’s a post that goes around tumblr with this picture of a chihuahua with money like, “Repost the money dog and money will come to you.” (Yes, I’m too lazy to just screenshot the post and put it here.) So I took some chihuahua selfies and reblogged it like, “But if I repost the money dog, will chihuahuas come to me?” I so clever.


I don’t know how long it’s going to take me to get over “Do not operate this heater without legs attached.” If I were a better sketch artist, I would illustrate my mental image.


I also can’t get over this client’s initials:

Like, my handwriting is bad and my initials are pretty funny-looking, but nothing compared to that lady’s.


Oops, there I am with another chihuahua.


And another:


So despite my phone being essentially a small computer with an endless number and variety of apps available to suit my needs, I find it most convenient, if I want to work on a story on my phone, just to email it to myself. So I was working on that FiM NQF, and Swype had to put its two cents in as usual:


And look how adorable these cranberries look!


We always put the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. My two sisters both live elsewhere, but we still remember traditions involving them. And one of those traditions is the little green slinky that Mostle always insisted was a Christmas ornament and needed to grace one of the branches of the tree. I put it on for her, but I’m not going to pretend I didn’t put it in back XD Also dad kept getting in the shot when I wanted to take a picture to send to her.


This is the funniest set of pictures evar, I think. This next one is the cage card for a dog (surname above dog’s name in quotes), and I literally cannot stop laughing:


And after I claimed this is the funniest set of pictures, I’m going to end on the saddest note imaginable. Turn away now if you don’t want to hear this sad story and see its picture.

Yesterday I did a particularly difficult euthanasia on a dog that did not want to let go for a woman that was just torn to pieces by this loss. We always let the owner stay in the room for as long as they need after the procedure is over, just keeping an eye out for when they leave in order to go prepare the animal for pickup by the crematorium.

Well, when I went back in after this poor lady had left, I found that she’d taken a pen and written a little note on the spot I’d shaved on her dog’s arm for the injection:

There was something so childlike and pathetic and sweet about her having done this, I didn’t even know how to react. I still don’t, except to cry and cry. I don’t find it disturbing, however; as I said, it’s kinda sweet.