We open with Siit Bean looking annoyed on the zebra sheet:


I just noticed the brand name of some scrubs I have:

See, these scrubs, though they work well enough for providing veterinary care to cats and dogs (especially shaggy sheep dogs), are specially optimized for providing veterinary care to lions, gazelles, cockatiels, and rhinoceros. Pith helmet sold separately.


I made too many pumpkin pies again, but they turned out so beautiful and delicious!

We played Telestrations, as we always do whenever we have more than just the four of us around, and Mostle drew this amazing skunk:

That’s freaking fat-tipped dry erase marker!!


Jakebii lay on the floor for a while with a curled-up blanket as a prop. When he got up, Waybee claimed it as a divan.

In that last shot you can also see Stipety doing his thang.

Also Waybee wanted to play a game with us at the table:


“I love this thing now.”


It’s been a tradition for a few years now that during this week off work after Christmas I wear a different tie every day. This year I haven’t bothered to take a bunch of selfies, but I did feel the need to take this one. See, I’d never even considered wearing this tie with this shirt, because the purple of the flowers is so different from the purple of the shirt. But then I tried it and thought, after all, it looked soOoOo good!

This has been a nice way to wrap up the year ^__^