I ordered myself a Kindle Fire not long after Christmas, and so far I am soOoOo happy with it. Check out the incredibly adorable case I got for it (which arrived before the tablet did in order to DRIVE ME UP THE WALL):


Every year, we do a mystery puzzle for New Year’s Eve. We eat Hawaiian haystacks while we read the poorly written and barely punctuated story, and then we sit around with chips and candy putting the puzzle together for the next four or five hours (depending on when we got started).

Inevitably, the puzzle is only half finished by the time we go to bed, so much of New Year’s Day is spent getting the rest of it into place. This year, mom found a 500-piece puzzle instead of the usual 1,000, but our destiny remained unaltered thanks to the fact that the puzzle-makers saw fit to shadow and tint the image such that it contained large swaths of UNBROKEN BROWN. At one point I’d spent three straight hours working on the brown and had a twelve-piece segment to show for it.

Anyway, we did eventually get it all put together, as we always do, only to find that the puzzle DIDN’T ACTUALLY CONTAIN ANY CLUES TO THE MYSTERY. These mystery stories usually have phenomenally stupid solutions in any case — maybe once every five years or so do we get one with a decent, rational answer — and this one was no exception… but the “clues” that “solved” the mystery were ALL IN THE STORY. I needn’t have wasted so much of my life on the unbroken brown after all. We won’t be buying a puzzle of that brand again.


We neutered this dog at work:

He’s a handsome lad, if a bit thin. I mostly took a picture of him so I could document his name:

At home that night, I played with my newly arrived tablet, and was recommended the following product whilst shopping thereon:

Just… so much GW to unpack here…


I’m still loving my job as the cat lady. I get to meet so many adorable and funny cats with all their different personalities. One day, a co-worker was bringing a cat back into my room after surgery to put it back into its cage, and the thing was curled up (all of its own volition) like a bowling ball. Observe:

It was so cute, but seemed so random and… not very comfortable XD

That same day, a different co-worker had me take some pictures of this dappled min pin that came in for vaccines. She really was super adorable:

That evening, I came home to one of the first orders I’d placed on my tablet. (The tablet does make it much easier to spend money quickly, and that was already pretty damn easy on Amazon.) The order was just a shower caddy so I can take baths upstairs without having to juggle shampoo bottles and such, but it was pretty big (relatively speaking) and therefore came in a pretty big cat toy.


LOL look at the way Galileo was sneepin’


And here’s Hiko being his normal frantic self post-baf:

He was a little wetter than usual that day because he escaped the bathroom before I could dry him any more thoroughly XD


A cat at my clinic luxuriating in her cage:

And also at my clinic, the most ridiculously, cartoonishly perfect trail of poop down the hallway:

Yeah, sorry, I made you look at poop.


And last but not least for this two-week stretch, a very important video I made of a dog we had in the other day. Music by Rammstein.