I use newspaper at work to line the cat kennels (underneath these really cute tiny crocheted blankets the former cat lady/current executive director made), and I’m honestly not sure where the newspaper comes from. It just appears in this bin in the cat room, and I fold it into the right shape and get rid of the glossy ads (or, more often, my volunteer minion does). Anyway, I noticed one headline on top of the pile recently that I felt the need to document:

OK, there was this cat, and… just she was SO BEAUTIFUL. I had never seen such a purely silver tiger prior to this. Like, not grey, but actually silver. I took half a million pictures trying to document her gorgeous coloring.

A silver cat will always have significance for me because of a very important chain story my siblings and I wrote some twenty years ago. That’s part of the reason I wanted to get a decent picture of this cat: so’s I could send it to Mostle.

I didn’t feel like the lighting really captured her colors adequately, so I got a co-worker involved.

Unfortunately, you still get more of her eyes and her shaved spot than her coloring. Ah, well.


Then the very next day there was this amazing smoke cat with silver roots. Seriously my mind was blown; I’d never even imagined a cat that looked like this. I meant to do the same thing and have a co-worker hold her, but I never got ’round to it (probably too busy), so one dark in-kennel shot is all I have:


This little guy was crypt and spent a long time under anesthesia, and he was groggy and in pain longer than they usually are after surgery. I came back that night after work to check on him.

I also happened to work the next morning (aaaargh fuck working on Saturdays aaaaaaaa), and he was doing soOoOo much better after a good night’s sleep.


We always get groceries via Wal-Mart Pickup, which of course can be accessed through its website wherever you happen to be. So even if family members are out of town over the weekend, I’m never surprised when I go to pick up the grocery order and there’s a bunch of stuff I didn’t order. I had to take a picture of one item that was added on, though, so I could send it to my mom where she was and gripe about it:

See, as I’ve mentioned before, I adore celery, but I am allergic to it. And look how much of it appear!!!!! Not fair!!!!!

Also you can see the sleeve of my new pajamas. They are soOoOo warm and soft and amazing *__*

And now back to cats.


OK, so. Being the cat lady at work means I am also the laundry lady at work. Sometimes when my minion is not there, other employees kindly step into the laundry room and rotate or fold a load of laundry for me whilst I’m busy with check-ins or whatever. But lately someone doing this has been folding the towels wrong. We fold them a certain way that is most convenient for our various purposes, and I was about to have an aneurysm seeing these huge stacks of towels all folded wrong. So I made a sign:

The former cat lady saw the sign and warned me, “It’s So-and-So that folds them wrong, and she is going to get offended when she sees that sign.” Apparently they’ve been through this in the past, because to So-and-So it is so insulting to be asked to fold towels a certain way that she actually took the matter to the head doctor in the past. Like, what kind of life do you have to have for this to be such a big deal? I was like, “Well, I’m going to pretend I still don’t know who’s doing it and innocently leave the sign up and see what happens.”

The next morning, So-and-So came into the cat room all stiff and prickly like, “OK, so, I just want to make sure I understand how you want the towels folded.” And though I thought my diagram was pretty easy to understand (that’s what I took a picture of it; I’m proud of it XD), I demonstrated with a towel out of my laundry basket. And she kinda huffed off without another word. So that’s the current status of the towel drama XD XD


And we end with the lovely snow in my back yard today: