Hey, can someone tell me why this post keeps getting so many hits? Just scroll on down to the bottom and leave a comment enlightening me, would you? I’ve been dying of curiosity for months now.


Two cats on top of my desk at the same time:

Of course they eventually started fighting and went away, but still. For a minute there…


Two cats on the bed at the same time. Less unusual, of course, but still cute. This time there was a box between thems:


Check out this hilariously weird position Stipety was sneepin’ in:

The guest room door was open because mom had prepared it for the coming of a pet-sitter for Disneyland. The animals aren’t supposed to be in the guest room, so of course they love to be in there. I found Waybee havin’ a sneep on the guest room bed:


So we were supposed to go to Disneyland the second week of January, but then grandma died and our trip got put off. Then, just before the new dates, mom got sick. Dad too, but less so, and I think he was acting more sick than he really was to make mom feel better.

Anyway, brother and I couldn’t stand the thought of rearranging our work schedules again, not to mention putting Disneyland off until April this time, so we just went by ourselves.

To be honest, though I’m certainly not tired of Disneyland, I’m getting tired of taking pictures at Disneyland. They’re always all the same as each previous Disneyland trip, in large part because they’re mostly selfies and all the really good picture spots never change. Seriously, if you look back at my previous Disneyland reports, you’ll see the exact same pictures as these ones, just with different outfits.

Speaking of outfits, though, we were Disneybounding for the first time. Can you guess what characters we chose?

I think this bar in the Star Wars Launch Bay has a name, but I don’t remember what it is.

I’m even tired of talking about my Disneyland pictures.

Once again, he could not loom over brother, so he directed his dialogue exclusively at me.

I’ve always been very fond of the look of the Slave I.


Brother likes bees and I like spiders.

So the answer to the Disneybounding riddle is that we were Kuzco and Pacha. Mom and dad were going to be Yzma and Kronk, but they canceled that plan even in reference to the trip they will take separately in April.

Disneybounding was hella fun. Nobody said anything to us, which probably means nobody recognized what we were going for, but, as brother pointed out, we saw a lot of other people Disneybounding and didn’t say anything to them.


The super cutest dress in the whole world was my souvenir this time:

I fully intended to purchase both the Boba Fett and the Darth Vader dresses I didn’t get last time, but they no longer had them. Sad day!


Then I worked solely on the Friday of that week. I was annoyed at myself for not taking the entire week off, since it really did seem stupid to come in for just one day before the weekend, but then I remembered that I like my job and I love cats. So that was OK. Anyway, this little guy was crammed into the corner in his nervousness:

And then this cat I took a video of trying to show how his face from certain angles looked soOoOo much like a lioness’… but it never really showed properly. Ah, well.


I received some roses from Lee for Valentine’s Day:

I wanted to arrange them nicely and put shorter stems on the outside and whatnot, but they had so many damn thorns I could’t even begin to arrange them. I was lucky I even got them into the vase at all XD XD XD


Have I ever mentioned how much my brother’s cat loves him, and how cute it is?

That day I wore a tie with a shirt I’d never worn it with before, and I thought the combination looked so nice I had to take a picture:

The picture is rather dominated by my neon pink $5 phone case. I’ll get a custom case (probably with Saitou and Sano on it) here eventually (did I mention I got a new phone so none of my old cases fit?), but I didn’t have time before Disneyland and I wanted something on there.

You can also see my manicure a little. I don’t get manicures very often because people with a family history of skin cancer should avoid UV lights, but every once in a while… I got a lovely sparkly brown color that matched my Disneyland outfit really well. Gel polish is freaking amazing; it’s been on for two weeks and looks almost as good as it did the first day. My nails grow fast, though.

Also, cats on the bed again:


Just a little excerpt from a medical record from work here:

Eosinophilic what, now? This co-worker rivals me in the terrible handwriting department.

So speaking of work. When an owner wants to leave a blanket or a toy with their animal for the day, we usually make a sign that says something like, “Owner left blue blanket,” so the item goes home with the correct person. In the following picture you can see one slightly more standard sign (on the right) along with one that’s worded more interestingly:

I mean seriously. “Zuko has his own blanket and dinosaur?” It’s so funny and cute. It’s like…


The other day I went into my work laundry room and saw these two tiny jackets hanging there!!!

They were a gift from a co-worker to my helpful volunteer minion. As she was not actually there that day, I got to look at them all day long.

One of them even had the correct NFL team on the back!


I thought this cat looked pretty cool on this blanket:

That’s all.


  1. Julia

    Lol you crack me up! Your outfits were amazing!

    • kuroiyousei

      Thanks! It was super fun to find pieces to match Pacha’s colors. I’m even more excited for Tuesday’s, though.


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