On the way home from seeing Black Panther (AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH BLACK PANTHER), brother and I stopped for dinner at Freddy’s (Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, not Fazbear’s Pizza), and we saw this sign outside:

Can’t read it? Here’s a closeup:

In case you still can’t read it, it announces with great straightforward simplicity, “Fish is here.” It made us laugh so hard, and almost convinced me to buy one of their fish sandwiches.


The cage signs I make for my cats at work have the owner’s last name first, then the cat’s name in quotes in the middle, then the color(s) of the cat third. And this one somehow worked out really freaking well:

Gray Blue Black. Yep. Just as good was his brother:

He’s the cat of graysexual representation!!

Anyway, that same day, some co-workers, knowing I would be interested, called me all the way up to exam room #1 to see this very faint but perfect pawprint a dog had left on their exam table:


The next morning, I found one of my cats trying to hide from me under her litter box:


And then the next day was slugcat:


OK, so, my Kindle Fire automatically tells me everything anyone says to the Echo. It’s unnecessary, but it’s really funny when I sit down with my tablet at lunchtime at work and find a list of trolly questions someone at home has bombarded Alexa with. These ones were so good I had to take a screenshot:


Since getting my new desk, the table I previously used to house my computer has sat covered in junk and almost completely neglected. I really need to get off my ass and clear that all away so I can get rid of the table. One of these days. Anyway, the sun still shines directly onto the table at certain times of morning, so the cats still like to sneep over there.

Also, this one time, Beeks and Waybee were sneepin’ in the exact same position not far from each other in the living room. Also note that Beeks has gathered his dinosaurs:


No, this isn’t the usual rant about how our society has forgotten about hyphens. I’m just here to make fun of this ridiculous pretentious product name.

I gave Hiko a haircut last week. Mom always complains about how scraggly he looks with my amateur haircuts, but I think he’s as cute as ever. So here he is freshly clipped with a bonus background Galileo:


I took this selfie in order to make a tumblr post about wearing Saitou colors to work and feeling like a badass:

Then I took this picture of myself frustrated at my inability to post pictures on tumblr from any device other than my actual computer:

You can see a child’s drawing in the background. There are, like, ten of these up in the break room right now; it’s freaking adorable.