Those are the LAST TWO PICTURES OF THE EIGHT-FOOT TABLE, because after that I finally cleared it all off and got rid of it. It served me well for many years, and now it can do good by someone else.

They are not the last pictures of Galileo, however.

You know, whenever I try to tuck Waybee in with blankets like that, she runs immediately away.


He always so helpful with my clean laundry. And you know who else is helpful? Any little animal that wants to cuddle and prevent me from getting out of bed of a weekend morning.


And one time they were sneepin’ unusually close to each other:


I thought this looked pretty badass:

Part of it is the fact that I bought those boots for my Robin costume last year, so I inevitably feel like a superhero when I wear them. But there’s also Saitou colors going on again, and cavalierness, so it’s generally a winning combination.

Anyway. I spent about five hours one day clearing off the eight-foot table, removing it from the premises, and rearranging my bedroom in preparation for the arrival of the draft table I finally ordered. Witness:

I’m soOoOo happy with this. Not only is the draft table pretty awesome so far, I have all this floorspace in my room now. I can actually vacuum the places I walk!! Because the vacuum fits between the furnitures now!!

I still have all this junk to get rid of, but I feel like that’ll be easier now things are a bit more organized.

Waybee came to see me at my desk:

Then Beeks came to see me at my desk:


This cat at work was named Hercules, but I called him Sharpie-Nose, because his nose was just unbelievable: