I forget whether I mentioned, but I got a new computer. I’ve still been using the old one for a few things, and am likely to continue, and I need to find a new place for it to live that isn’t on the floor right next to my desk. Anyway, while I was burning some CD’s, Lil Stipety was enjoying the heat thus generated. And of course Beeks photobombed.

Stipes worried I was going to oust him from his position. Which indeed I subsequently did.


Any time someone asks me, “How are your animals?” or something similar, I tend to take a picture of what the nearest animal(s) is/are doing. So here’s Beekles on my lap:


One day that was obviously last December and totally not in April, brother and I were doing something in the rec room that had nothing to do with taking down the Christmas tree in April, and Stipes came to help:

That same day, Beeky was adorable:

And I received four letters all from the same business with addresses typo’d so badly I have no idea how they made it to the right place:

That made me laugh so hard.

Meanwhile, an update on the cat bites:


If you set down a sweatshirt or a jacket or a coat on another surface, Galileo instantly materializes and sleeps on it. INSTANTLY.

I’d only set this stuff down on the bed because I was going to grab them and go right back out soon. So then I had to wake Little Cat up again and harass him off what I needed to take with me.


One time I looked over and saw Lil Heeks’n’Beeks sneepin’ so cutely on the bed that I took a picture from afar:


We skipped baf day because I was feeling so awful I didn’t think I could handle bathing him. So now he’s grungy and so am I! He also doesn’t really understand why I’ve been lying around so much lately.


Surgery went very smoothly, and recovery hasn’t been too dire either. Galileo kindly curled up next to me right when I got home. He usually doesn’t like me this much, but he’s that kind of nursing cat.


It was a laparoscopic operation, so I got four incisions. They’re looking pretty good!

Today Waybee is determined to sleep on my lap no matter what position I’m in, and we do a little song and dance every time she tries to settle keeping her off the incisions. Still in decent amounts of pain, but it’s getting better.