Blood Contingency Index

“You always thought I’d get myself killed doing something stupid before I was twenty-five… but here I am a hundred and forty-eight, and you’re the one who can’t get through half a life.”

A modern-day American cop isn’t sure what this unnervingly familiar vampire wants from him, until Sano reveals the tragic events of a past life and his undying connection with a Meiji-era Japanese cop.

Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Saitou & Sano (primary), Additional unlisted pairing(s), Other relationship(s) briefly implied, Friendship: Megumi & Sano, Friendship: Megumi & Saitou | Rated 3 | Canon setting but with reincarnation to modern times, POV: Saitou in first person and (sometimes) present tense, Language (general/religious), Sexuality/sexual references, Violence, Major character death (described), Physical fighting between Saitou and Sano, Supernatural occurrences, Angst, Psychological torment, Get-together story for main couple(s), Sano pursues Saitou, Pansexual Saitou, Pansexual Sano, Asexual Megumi | 66,956 words | In progress, last updated 12/2018

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13 thoughts on “Blood Contingency Index

  1. I just saw the new Rurouni Kenshin movie trailer and thought to check on your journal to see whether you had any updates. You have no idea how happy you made me. Off to read it now.

  2. I knew what I was getting into reading an incomplete fic, BUT the premise of this one just made me TOO CURIOUS to see. AND what you had here so far I REALLY LOVED, so despite it’s unfinished state it was well worth it. :’D

    Totally imagined this with Bakemonogatari/Kizumonogatari imagery/art direction (because vampires uwu ). And also was reminded of a fanart of a modern Sano I saw, where he was wiping a bit of blood off his lips and for some reason had red eyes. :’D A little hard to link tho since it was from a set.. hmm I wonder what I can use..

    1. Yeah, if you’ve read my Information page, you’ll know that these days I don’t start posting stories that are going to sit around for years between chapters like this, but some older stuff still suffers that sad fate. It’s awful of me.

      Anyway, I’m glad you liked what there is of this story so far; thanks for your comments! I will look at it this weekend just for you. I can’t promise anything, since I am likely to be enthralled by something else (as I mentioned elsewhere), but I can at least think about it.

      The fanart you describe sounds vaguely familiar, but I might be thinking of something else. If you find a way to link it at me, I’d be glad to look at it!

  3. Ah yes, I saw. :3 And no prob! Omg, I appreciate you looking at it, but no pressure! I just wanted to at least show some appreciation for the fics that I really really liked. :3 And like I said, I knew what I was getting into reading incomplete fics. So it’s fine. .w.)b

    This one?: (temporarily placed it in my stash.easiest way for me to link pics xD )

    1. The thing is, I have a lot of in-progress fics going, and if they’re actually still up on the archive, that means I’d really like to finish them. But I get distracted by so many projects that some things — even things I’m quite interested in — don’t get worked on. So it’s my policy that, if someone expresses interest in an unfinished project, I try to get some work in on it in the next little while. It kinda seems like the only way I’ll ever get some things done XD

      That picture is pretty cool; thanks for linking it! It’s thought-provoking.

      1. Haha, came across an old SaiSa vampire au fic, and was reminded of this again.

        I was actually going to ask plot details/ideas you had for the rest of this fic, but re-reading your reply, it probably would be inappropriate to ask since there’s still a chance you wanted to finish this?

        And you’re welcome. c:

            1. As I said, it’s just about the only way I can think of that stories like this will get finished for me to put them on the list when someone expresses interest in them. I have an extra-long weekend this time, and I’ve already gotten some work in on this story, so it’s good that you said something to prompt that.

  4. I balked at reading this because of vampires. I’ve read some vampire fic that tends to be terrifyingly bad and filled with awful cliches. This is, however, not one of those!

    I’m anxious to see where both stories go, but I have a feeling there’s going to be some major angst; the inevitable character death ahead may kill my heart.

    1. While I do like to think this story isn’t terrifyingly bad, it is rather full of cliches. That’s kinda something you can’t avoid with vampire stories, heh. However! I’m glad you’re not hating it! Yes, major angst and character death approaches, so brace yourself. The ending will be happy-ish, though (it’s a kind of “hope for the future” thing), since I’m not a huge fan of downer endings.

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