In the month since my surgery, I’ve taken pictures of practically nothing but Little Animals. Here they are.


Scraggle-dog. (It came time to bathe and shave Beeks right in the middle of my recovery, and I definitely didn’t feel up to it. So eventually I had him professionally groomed.)


Two cats chillin’ on the bed.


One of Galileo’s many names/titles is “The Longest-Leggèd Snakie” for this very reason.



As of a month after surgery, I am still very tired all the time, especially after work and most especially the nearer I get to the end of the work week. One day, I came home from work and immediately lay down on the bed. Beeks of course came to cuddle with me because he is sweet and adorable, and I took a picture to show how cute he was.

Evidently I forgot to smile, making this a very accurate display of how I was feeling at the time.



Brother actually took this picture and sent it to me and I love it so much:


In nice weather I like to sit outside to work on story. In fact I will do so presently today. Last week, Hiko was looking adorable in the grass while dad worked in the background.

So, yeah, not many pictures over the last month. I haven’t had a lot of energy to whip my phone out at every little thing the way I usually do.