I keep an electric blanket under my desk for when I’m cold as I work on stuff — which is all the time, since I’ve apparently evolved into a Vulcan (or a Vulcanian, depending on the episode). And Galileo likes the blanket even when it’s not turned on. (Waybee prefers the little bed I also keep down there so an animal can be close to me whilst I work.) Here’s an unnecessary number of poses of Stipety on the blanket and also my pale knees:

Eventually I got up to do something, and Stipes had his interest procured by my movement… but he was still too groggy and lazy to get up properly and come over to see what I was doing. So he sortof oozed across the floor halfway to where I was:


I was pulling out of the garage one day and I saw this across the street. I freaked the fuck out and jumped to take pictures.

I really should have taken a video, because this tiny deerling trotted and jumped and skipped along behind its mother in the cutest way anyone has ever done anything ever.


Galileo in the little bed on the bed:

That same day, Galileo slept on top of my desk and looked really cute:


Little Animals Triangulate!!


They put in a new Pok├ęStop in my neighborhood. Check out the absolutely hilarious description:

As if that weren’t already far enough over the top, it gets better when you realize that this “community resource” is a single hill. And not even a very big one.


I’m not supposed to take pictures of patients anymore, but I did one anyway: