The desired effect of this drug continues to be miraculous. I knew I needed this, but I didn’t realize how good it would be. But I’m actually not here to talk about its main effect.

Nearly all the side effects have faded. I do have occasional brief dizzy spells. Whatever. I’ve had increased acne lately, though I don’t know for sure that this is caused by this drug, since I’m extremely acne prone and there could be any number of reasons for a flare-up. But there’s one particular side effect I want to discuss here, because it’s… I can’t even…

My food allergies are almost gone.


As a reminder, I am allergic to fruits, vegetables (except legumes), tree nuts, and caffeine. I have spent my life avoiding these things and the many, many, many recipes and entrees that contain them, or taking them in small amounts (caffeine in particular) and just suffering the consequences.

As I mentioned in my previous antidepressant post, I noticed less and then none of my usual morning diarrhea after my morning caffeine a few days into taking the escitalopram. That continued throughout that week, and I decided to make a test on the weekend: I ate a bunch of pineapple. Pineapple’s always been one of the worst for reactions, so I figured go big or go home.

No reaction. No problem. I CAN FUCKING EAT PINEAPPLE.

Since then, I’ve had a salad every single day. I’ve had fruit with breakfast and celery for snacks; I’ve put whatever the fuck I wanted on my pizza, and not worried about the content of what I ordered at restaurants.

Technically there are still some mild allergic reactions: I’ll get some abdominal pain now and then, and my stool is pretty soft most of the time (I know, you totally came here to hear about my bowel movements). Also there’s sometimes just a bit of the mouth/throat burning/itching of before. But all of this is perfectly tolerable.

I can’t even begin to describe how revolutionary this is. I have eaten more salads in the last week and a half than in my entire life prior to that. This changes everything, and in ways I haven’t even fully grasped yet. I never expected it and wouldn’t have thought to hope for it; it’s like the greatest surprise gift I’ve ever received. It’s seriously on a level with the actual main antidepressant effect of this drug. I still almost can’t believe it.

And in fact I’m just holding my breath waiting for it to stop. It’s an unintended and unanticipated effect, so I feel like I can’t count on it to last. I’ve only been taking this drug for three weeks, and supposedly it takes 4-6 weeks for it to level out and have the effects it’ll keep for a while. So maybe I’ll go back to not being able to eat all this stuff in a few more weeks. But even if I do, I’ll always have this Summer of Salads to remember with excessive fondness.

For now, I’m more elated than I can adequately express.