I keep forgetting to finish this entry. Let’s see if I can get it posted at last.

TLY — The current tentative plan is to release this first book on my birthday, September 2. I don’t know how feasible this goal really is, but it won’t break my heart if I have to delay it a bit.

I’ve finished my checklist (except for one item that’s been added since), so I’ve just been editing and editing and editing and editing. I actually feel pretty confident about getting the book itself finished in time; I just don’t know about all the periphery.

Busy sister says she can work with the proposed deadline in drawing the cover illustration, but I don’t know if she actually can. Drawing it myself feels entirely beyond me, so if she can’t do it I’ll have to commission someone. That’ll undoubtedly be a few hundred dollars, and I’m not sure I can afford that all at once, so this may be a setback.

I’ve been making sketches of some of the characters lately to try to help my sister out, since most of them are pretty difficult to draw; but when I have free time for this project, I spend it working on the book… so I only sketch when I’m writing something else, such as a fanfiction Sunday story. The sketches may end up being completely unuseful to sister, but they will, at least, go onto the series official site.

I’m restraining myself from creating the series official site just yet. Once the book is done, that’ll be one of the peripherals, but I don’t want it to sit around (and drag my attention) for however long before the release date. There are a number of other technical things I have to decide that I’m not worrying about yet, but they’re coming up here after not too long. Must finish book first.

It’s reached the point where my parents and brother and drawing sister and Zombie Girl can read it. I haven’t heard from the latter two in a few weeks, so they don’t have their copies yet, but the other three do. However, only mom has made even minor progress reading it. Hopefully anyone will ever be interested.

Besides me, of course. I’ve entered that stage I’ve mentioned before in relation to long stories where I’m almost done and I almost can’t think about anything else. I’m obsessing so much that I have to force myself to work on fanfiction on Sundays not only because I don’t want to get off track there but also to give my brain a break from TLY ever. All the rest of the time, I’m thinking about it non-stop.

And since the conceptualizing phase is over for the first book, a lot of what I’m thinking about is plotting for the second. I’m so excited about it, I may explode before I get to writing it. But I think that’s all I have to say about it for now.

Nine Decades — I’m about halfway through the final story. Did I say the same thing last time? Anyway, I made good progress on it when it came up in my Sunday schedule, and next time it comes up I may be able to reach linear completion on that story. I’ve also done plenty of editing to the previous eight stories, so there will be less of that to get on later. Not entirely sure when this whole thing will be post-ready, but it’s coming along well. Still some of the best writing I’ve ever done.

Aku Soku Zan(za) — I was excited to get to this latest part and introduce Kotono at last. Still smoothing over the change in the relationship between Sano and Katsu from the original version of this story. I think the timeline doesn’t line up perfectly here, and I’ll have to fix it in later edits.

Sano and Kaoru’s Phone Log — My new writing schedule is working really well for actually getting things done instead of the desultory work on some of these HoH things I was managing before. Last Sunday, when this came up, I wrote the entirety of one phone conversation without trouble — and in fact it’s the longest conversation they’ve had yet, and probably the longest they will have. So that’s super exciting.

This story is mostly about Kaoru and her emotional and logistical progression, but there’s some stuff in there about Sano and his developing relationship with Hajime too. And it may be that I was so successful in writing the conversation I just mentioned from beginning to end (and that it’s likely to remain the longest) because it’s one of the Sano-Hajime parts. But I’m still pleased with it and myself.




Heretic’s Reward chapter 32 (some spoilers) — I’ve reached such a fun point in this story. Sano’s finally aware he’s in love with Hajime, and it’s coloring everything he thinks; and Hajime is giving all these subtle indications that Sano’s really important to him in return. It makes my heart so happy. In fact I think it’s time for an instance of the age-old sacred refrain, AAAHHHHH THEY LOVE EACH OTHER SO MUCH.

Meanwhile, new characters appear! As many readers know (hah! like this story has ‘many readers’ XD), I’ve had this all at least generally planned out since the very beginning from back when it was a webcomic. And I’ve been looking forward to this appearance for quite some time! It’s proving pretty fun so far; I’m almost at linear completion for the chapter, and still in the midst of their introduction. They’re kiiiiinda shaping up into an unexpected couple, too. I look forward to messing around with that as well :D

K, I think that’s finally it for this PL. The schedule is still working beautifully, and I’m still ridiculously excited about TLY.


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