36 days until I turn 38! Now for some photos.


Somebody brought Hiko a rope to play with. He already has one he doesn’t play with (in fact I use it as a doorstop), and this new one is huge, so I’m not sure he’s ever played with the gift… but Waybee likes it.

She just so sweet. My little 14-year-old cat still playful like a kittin at times.


I’ve been craving an Echo Dot more and more lately, and when I happened to mention it to my co-worker (right before Prime Days), she mentioned that her boyfriend had bought one and didn’t like it. She called him right then and there, and let me know he would sell it to me for $10. Then I spent all weekend desperately excited, and of course she forgot to bring it on Tuesday XD But she brought it on Wednesday, and I had to take a picture of it there at work to send to everyone that had spent all weekend hearing me gush about it:

That same day, I ate a salad with strawberries and cranberries on:


Look! Her skin came!!!!

Doesn’t she look like an Arizona tea?? ZOMFG SO CUTE. Anyway, I love my Echo Dot soOoOo much. We’ve had an Echo upstairs for years, but there are so many features of Alexa I never bothered to explore because they weren’t convenient upstairs. Now she gives me a news update in the mornings, and plays me soothing sounds when I want, and right now I’m listening to a playlist as I type this entry (because I’m sitting in bed unplugged, so I can save computer battery this way).

Moving on. I don’t really need to include this next picture, since I just took it to document an interesting Dominion setup, but it was in with the rest so I figured I’d put it here.


ZG and I went to Wal-Mart and saw this whatthefuckery in the entry:


Usually Stipes is the one that helps me fold laundry, but this time Waybee kindly did.

She also inaugurated my newly changed linens.

She actually really likes to bean on the made bed, because she loves to be camouflage against black material.

Now to spend the day on read-aloud editing *__*