Heretic’s Reward Index

“Sooner or later, whoever’s behind the usurpation will have to make some kind of ‘divine’ display affirming his claim to the throne… Having my own source of miracles will even the playing field somewhat.”

Heretic’s Reward

Orchard-hand Sano is pulled from his small-town life to assist royal knight Hajime in restoring the usurped throne to Kenshin, the rightful king

Adventure/Drama/Romance/Introspection | Saitou & Sano (primary), Hiko & Sano, Aoshi & Soujirou, Hiko & Katsu, Other relationship(s) briefly implied, Friendship: Katsu & Sano | Rated 3 | Alternate universe (fantasy world), Filler references, POV: Sano, Language (general/religious), Sexuality/sexual references, Violence, Drug use (described), Incest (referred to), Major and minor character death (described), Religion, Get-together story for main couple(s), Misunderstanding/lack of communication, Relationship(s) prior to main, Queer Saitou, Gay Sano, Pansexual Hiko, Queer Kenshin | 127,766 words | In progress, last updated 07/2018

Chapter 1 – Heretics
Chapter 2 – Purpose and Awareness
>2 Interlude
Chapter 3 – Another Homeward Encounter
Chapter 4 – Not Stable
Chapter 5 – Warrior’s Coma
>5 Interlude
Chapter 6 – The Defense of Eloma
Chapter 7 – Alleged Miracles
>7 Interlude
Chapter 8 – Departure
Chapter 9 – Egato 8ni Kasun
>9 Interlude
Chapter 10 – Torosa Forest Road
>10 Interlude
Chapter 11 – Proxy’s Son
Chapter 12 – Yahiko’s Burden
Chapter 13 – Enca Inn North
Chapter 14 – First Report: Kaoru, Tomoe
Chapter 15 – First Report: Megumi, Misao, Yumi
Chapter 16 – Nine Years Later
Chapter 17 – Second Report
Chapter 18 – The K
Chapter 19 – Tangles
Chapter 20 – Thirteen Years Ago
Chapter 21 – Third Report: Purple Sky
Chapter 22 – Third Report: Wishes That May Be Prayers
Chapter 23 – Wanted
>23 Interlude
Chapter 24 – Playing Thieves Guild
Chapter 25 – A Small Gathering of Malcontents
Chapter 26 – The Visitant
Chapter 27 – At the Sanctum Doors
>27 Interlude
Chapter 28 – Twitch
Chapter 29 – As-Yet-Unknown Powers
Chapter 30 – Unoppressed Light
Chapter 31 – Final Report
Chapter 32 – Known Powers

11 thoughts on “Heretic’s Reward Index

  1. hey hey hey! Is this done? “Nine years later” sounds like “epilogue” to me, but I dunno. I’ve got a hankering to read and I’m (ugh) getting interested in this Hajime/Sano thing, BUT since Seeing Red is only along at chapter 10, I wonder if this story if far enough along to give me an idea about their dynamic as a couple.

    1. holy smokes, it’s “in progress” so allow me to amend that post to just “is this story far enough along to give me an idea about Hajime/Sano’s dynamic as a couple”?

      1. This story is just about at the halfway point, given the number of chapters planned (though that number might change). Interestingly, I was just thinking yesterday as I was posting it, “Man, ‘Nine Years Later’ sure sounds like an epilogue type of title” XD But it’s not.

        I think this story has a fairly decent representation of the standard dynamic between these two darling characters, but they’re not together yet in this story either… if you’re looking for something more complete where they actually hook up by the end, um, maybe Head Injury is a good option… it’s a short little piece, and despite being in the canon setting fairly understandable, I think. Or if you want to see the more unhealthy end of their potential relationship (and some sex), Canine Impulses… I mean, of course, I have no objections whatsoever to you reading this one here :D but I don’t know whether it will answer your questions about the characters and their relationship.

  2. Ohhh my god I’m LOVING this! It’s been so long since a new, and more importantly, GOOD SaiSa fic came out!

      1. I’m actually really excited to see you back in general. I read “He can be taught” a long time ago on the old site, and then proceeded to read everything else you had. That was back when I was in high school in 2000 to 2004! So I was looking for it a week ago so I could read it again, and low and behold I find NEW fic from you! You made my year my dear ^_^

  3. I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve read this series, but I just finished rereading it and I want more so badly omg. I really enjoy this fic a lot. I almost finished all the chapters you have out so far in one sitting. Really enjoyed this and I hope you’ll write more at some point.

    1. I’m fairly fond of this story myself, so I too look forward to more of it :D You can see I just updated about a month and a half ago (which for me is pretty recent, heh), so I can’t tell you exactly when the next chapter will appear. Fear, not, though! It’s not abandoned or anything! I’m glad you’re enjoying it so much, too; thanks for the comment ^__^

  4. So, I just wanted to let you know I’ve been reading your fic every spring for the last several years. I’m sooo happy to see you updating this, if I read correctly.

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