Getting back on track in a new month.


Waybee always likes that kind of surface.


I happened to be reading The Hunchback of Notre Dame just when this cat came in, and I couldn’t get over how many visual points he had in common with Quasimodo:


A salad.

I’m still able to eat pretty well whatever I want, and it’s still amazing.


These two kitties at work were sneepin’ in the exact same position. One of them shifted a bit before I could get a picture, but you can see how close they still were:


Have another salad.

BTW, this salad bowl is the greatest product ever made. I bought two of them to make it easier to take a salad to work for EVERY SINGLE LUNCH.


The owners of this cat didn’t show up to take him home after surgery, and didn’t answer their phones, so he stayed overnight in a great mystery as to what his fate would be. I was going to take him home, but then his peeps showed up. Too bad.


And then this little guy I’m not actually sure why I took a picture of:


I got some adorable succulents, and here they are on their first day in their planter:


I took a selfie to use on the official series website of mah boook:


I got this treat-dispensing egg for the cats, and Beeks always wants to play with it. I tell him to leave it alone because it’s a cat toy, so then he just sneeps next to it instead:



And here are my succulents in situ:

They’ve grown since then ^__^

Birthday roses.


What a cute dog I have.


Some cats roll over in a playful manner in their cages at work, and this guy was doing that all day.

What’s important to note about this picture is that he’s unconscious. We poked him, he rolled around playfully, and then he fell asleep in that position.


And speaking of cats in cute positions.

Galileo was interested in something, but not enough to drag himself more than halfway out of the little bed on the bed.

Also, the most beautiful ring in the world:

I’ve worn it to work every day since I got it.


The cats often sit on the top step, and Hiko often copies what the cats do. (Either that or the top step is just that comfortable.) I always have a hard time getting a picture of him, though, because as soon as he sees me approaching he comes toward me doin’ a wag.

So I saw this product on Amazon, and it made me laugh because I was imagining the product name read out phonetically.


This cat was all cute poses all day, but I only really got a chance to take pictures of two of thems.


I actually took this picture to use in an Amazon review.


Here’s Stipety beaning between some furniture:


Funny size disparity at this gym:

And now I’m caught up at last on these entries!