Aight, catching up. Again. 10/08:

Yes, it’s blurry, but it was so cute. Galileo is always so helpful with the laundry.


I’ve mentioned before that a sweat shirt or jacket or coat on the end of the couch (where some of us always temporarily drape these things) is Galileo’s established place.

Oh my gosh this unbelievable white and silver cat at work.

He had a naturally grouchy face, but he became actually angry later in the day. The e-collar definitely didn’t help.


Every day since Waybee sat on the pillow in the sun like this, I’ve left the pillow in that exact position… but I haven’t seen her sit on it ever again. I guess the test failed.

You can totally see that Galileo intends to attack her presently XD


And one day she decided to go behind my laptop for some reason.


I texted this to my family when I saw it. Brother wrote back, You’re on your own with Sugarfoot. Bizarrely, we had a dog with the same name later that same week, after never having seen it before. Of course then we looked it up and discovered it was from an old cowboy show.


I’m always bugging my mom wanting to bring home animals from work. I sent her this picture with the message, Surely you want me to bring THIS cat home:

And even though I was semi-facetious (that is, honestly desirous but not in any way thinking she would consent), when she heard the details, she actually agreed. The cat was brought in as a feral (we do a TNR program in conjunction with the Humane Society), but was a kitten too young and small to be at all feral: 3.1 lb and so sweet and compliant I was able to handle her and cuddle her without any issues or armor gloves.

It broke my heart thinking of this itty bitty cat turned loose again after her surgery, and I was absolutely ecstatic that mom agreed she could become my cat. The lady that had brought her in was happy too.


Mom’s condition was that she got to name her. I countered that she was only allowed to name her something cool and literary and not stupid. So of course when I got sweet kittin home, mom starts suggesting all the stupidest, tritest names she can think of just to troll me XD She didn’t have any real ideas, so I started naming literary characters I like. When I mentioned Piper McLean, mom said she’d actually considered that one earlier, so it was decided.


What do you mean, I don’t need to take six different shots of everything Galileo does?

This was before Hiko’s groomin. He looked so grungy XD

Piper has always been sweet and seemingly attached to me, but at first she was scared of everything else in the world, and did a lot of hiding, especially when someone else came into the room.

But she also loves to explore all around and see all the things.

Hiko has been fascinated with her since the first day, and though at first she hissed at him, he won out and now they are the best of friends.



I put a collar with a bell on her since she’s still the tiniest thing in the world and easily stepped on.


She’s learning how to be a cat. For example, when I come into my room from taking a shower and plan to sit at the computer just for a few minutes before getting ready for bed, Piper has learned she’s supposed to do her best to interrupt that plan.




This cat at work was sitting in this funny, cute position. Just chillin’ in her cage like this.


She wanted to hide, but at the same time she wanted to see what was going on.

And that’s it for now!


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