Yes, that’s right: my darling sister finished drawing the cover illustration for this novel, which is now in the process of publication. The link above leads to the official site, where there are purchase links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble. At the moment only the ebook versions are available; paperbacks will be out in the next couple of weeks.

The reason I’m using images rather than text here is that the book (and its series and its website) are PG-rated and dedicated to my young nephews and niece. Not like it’s a big huge secret that I’ve also written less family-safe stuff over here; I just don’t want some kid to go searching for the series or book title and turn up this archive. There’ll be plenty of opportunity for that when they’re older XD

So this book is YA portal fantasy. Yeah, it’s pretty much what I always write: a focus on character interaction and introspection against a backdrop of fantasy adventure. Fans of swashbuckling action may be disappointed, and the very nephews and niece to whom it’s dedicated may not like it, but I love it to pieces. And obviously I’ll be happy if anyone else reads and enjoys it!

Though I’m extremely happy as it is. The cover art is freaking gorgeous, and at the very least the Kindle ebook looks fantastic. Also? I’ve mentioned Alexa reads Kindle books aloud, right? I’ve been having her read mah very own novel to me from my Echo Dot lately, and it’s so much fun.

I’m still working on filling the official website with commissioned art; it’s been somewhat difficult, since the majority of the characters are non-human (and of those only a few of them even qualify as “anthro”), so a lot of artists aren’t up to drawing them. But it’s working out, and that’s exciting. I’ll draw some more art of my own for it eventually, too.

Anyway, I’m working on the second book, and eagerly awaiting the proof copies for the paperback editions. I’m ecstatic about this; it’s a project that’s been extremely long in the making, and now it’s finally in its final stage!


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