My relationship with RK

Because of the hideous behavior of its creator, I have stepped away from Rurouni Kenshin. I don’t have active plans for new stories in that fandom except as pertain to my ongoing stories Aku Soku Zan(za), Blood Contingency, Heretic’s Reward, and my His Own Humanity series, all of which I’m still working on.

I still welcome readers of my RK fic, and do not discourage comments or discussion. I’m currently working on getting this archive to reflect the new state of affairs, so it may still look like the home of an active RK fan in places, though this, sadly, is no longer the case.

2 thoughts on “My relationship with RK

  1. This is such a hard thing to grapple with and I really admire you for continuing your in-progress stories, despite things. I feel a lot of hesitation when going to work on an RK fic and ultimately, I want to finish these stories since I know they will never leave my brain if I don’t. RK is set in a time period of Japan that I love with a culture that has fascinated me for a very long time now, so I think I try to focus on those things more than anything else in RK. It’s still tough!

    Were you planning on keeping your older, finished stories online, or do you think you might start taking them down?

    (Congrats on publishing your novel!!! That’s a huge accomplishment.)

    1. It is still horribly painful. But my in-progress stories and the characters in them feel enough mine rather than Watsuki’s that I’m able to continue with thems.

      I will only be taking stuff down as I did before: if I decide I hate it enough that I don’t want it around this place XD


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