The proof copies came a lot sooner than I expected (that is, than Amazon originally said they would), and I love they way they look. I think for a future edition I will make the gutter margins a little wider, and there is at least one spot where the word processor did that thing it sometimes does with the text justification where it separates the words out all widely. These are minor concerns, though, so I went ahead and made the print edition available.

I dreamed that the binding was so poor that half the pages were coming detached at the first readthrough XD But in reality I have read quite a bit of it (random segments) in the proof copy I’ve been carrying around with me like a security blanket, and it feels sturdy enough. The matte cover is gorgeous.

I asked my parents (literally the only persons that have read this book all the way through as yet, and they only the August draft) to seed the official website with questions/comments I would want to answer publicly so as to show future visitors how that works, but so far only one question has been forthcoming, and it happens to need the same post image as the very previous post -__- But the kids don’t have their copy yet, so there’s still some time.

I ordered 10 copies at cost. I’ll sign one for the two distant families (and see if brother wants a signed official copy, since I gave him one of the proofs already), and send those off, and then keep the rest around for anyone that wants to buy one directly from me instead of ordering online. Oh, I suppose I’d better sign one for grandma too.

Anyway, this is all still extremely exciting and delightful for me.


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