I pulled out of the garage and saw this guy just chillin’ beside the fence.

He was there for so long, sometimes asleep but sometimes startled by human comings and goings, that I kinda worried about him.

It was super cold that day, and the spot didn’t seem particularly comfortable… but he was gone the next morning, so at least we know he could walk away…

Anyway here’s Waybee.


And the next day it was Galileo.

OK, so I’ve been doing the LOVESTRUCK interactive story app and enjoying it a lot, dating hot ladies and nb demigods etc. And it has this silly superfluous picture frame feature that makes me giggle. So here’s Galileo again.

Also one time I was sitting at the table, and I looked down and saw………….

That day I was wearing my unofficial Denver Broncos tie. It looked damn good.

I wear lip gloss to keep my lips moisturized, but I’m fond of having some color on there too. And I wanted to demonstrate this new wine color that I’m liking a lot, so here’s a super closeup.

I don’t think it actually shows the color all that well XD


Of course during the vacation I had to wear my pinstripe jacket at least once. I love it so much, but Piper has kinda destroyed it by clawing its lower half all to shit.

OK, like, here’s a picture of some of my bedroom? With no animals? Seriously, I’ve looked through this picture carefully, and I can’t figure out why I took it.


Here’s my figurine shelf now that I’ve packed up all my RK stuff:

….so sparse….


I couldn’t help laughing every single time I saw this rabbit. It was the first time I’d seen an angora in person, and they’re just so freaking funny-looking.


Lil Pipety on the blanket on top of the desk and also her feet:


One day I looked out my cat room door to see if there was a check-in card in the file holder, but instead I saw a small cute unattended device!


Usually Waybee doesn’t sleep on top of me, but every once in a while she does. And this day she decided to lie on top of me just when Piper was already on top of me. I couldn’t get up for a while.

OOoh siit ? on the bed.

She has a ball on a cord that she loves to play with so much. She carries it around, and to see her trotting along with it in her mouth is bliss. Sometimes she brings it up onto the bed so she can play with it on top of my legs.

And here she is again on top of the desk:


Piper has miracle paw pads. Observe:

One pink.

Two pink.

Three pink.

Four pink.

Here, I put it all together for convenience:


And here she is on the bed again!! Can you believe it??

Also, this cat at work had natural coloration as if she were wearing lipstick.

It was difficult to get a good shot that really shows how cute it was.



Here’s just a selfie in my coat.

I’ve always thought it’s pretty flattering on me, though the fluorescent lights on my forehead don’t do much for the picture.


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