I try not to take pictures of every single cute outfit I wear; I really do. But this scarf matched my springy green dress soOoOo well, I just had to document it.

OK, we went to Disneyland, the way we do. This time Mostle and Jakebii came with us, but brother didn’t. Mostle and I carefully put together Disneybounding outfits, considering how cool and convenient it is that Disney owns Star Wars now so all of those characters are doable. This was my outfit:

As you can see, I took that picture at home. In fact I took it after I got home, because none of the pictures in the park give an idea of my outfit, because I FORGOT MY FUCKING SCARF that’s kinda the most important part because it recalls Ahsoka’s headtacles. Without the scarf, it’s mostly just an unflattering dress coupled bizarrely with a non-coordinating shirt. AARRGH.

I was grabbing my coat out of my closet in preparation for leaving for the airport, and I literally thought about how I was going to turn around and grab my scarf off the chair that stands in front of my closet doorway. Then somehow, in turning around, I forgot. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK SERIOUSLY. It’s been a month, and I’m not over this yet.

Anyway, pictures from the trip.

Of course I’ve been in to see Darth Vader, like, three times now, but sister had never met him. And since she was dressed reminiscent of his late wife and I was dressed reminiscent of his former Padawan, it seemed only right we go in there. The employee at the head of the line recognized me only with some prompting (because of the fucking lack of scarf, no doubt), but I don’t think a single person in the park ever recognized Mostle as Padmé despite her awesome outfit.

Nevertheless, we tried to act sufficiently in-character while we were in there. I tried to appear betrayed and disapproving, but ended up just looking tired and double-chinned. Mostle mostly couldn’t keep a straight face, a problem I too have encountered in the past.

There was this sign outside the Star Wars building, and here you can see Mostle’s fantastic outfit and my very incomplete one even better.

In the Pieces of Eight gift shop, I found this incredibly cute hat that matched my dress particularly well. I would have bought it in any case, but since I’d blown my chances at ever being recognized as Disneybounding Ahsoka Tano, I wore the hat for the rest of the trip and was mistaken for a pirate. Whatever. The hat is totes adorbs.


In general we didn’t take all that many pictures, mostly because I was so frustrated about my scarf. But of course if we ran into characters, we had to get shots with them.

Cinderella had no other Disneyland employee attending her, and so was managing her own line and everything, and she was way on top of it; we were impressed.

This second day, Mostle was Disneybounding Aayla Secura, and, oddly, three or four people recognized her. I would have thought Padmé was a much more well known character, but I guess not. Just goes to show how much she really got the short end of the stick. Sister looked super badass, though, in both outfits.

Mostle hasn’t actually seen Black Panther yet, but agreed these ladies were the coolest thing she’d ever seen in her life. T’Challa actually walked past us as we were getting these pictures, and we were like WHATEVER. Because those ladies.


Beeko on brother’s lap:


And more pictures of cats at work I’m not supposed to take pictures of. This first one is actually just to highlight their names that I managed to put next to each other in the correct order. Obscure references are sad.

And then these two sweet sphinx sisters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that’s all for now.


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