You may protest that I have taken and posted this precise photo multiple times in the past. The only thing I would have to say in response to that is that my dog is incredibly cute, and it’s fun to see my character wall progressing.

Then look at these two cuddly beans:

They just love each other so much, and they’re both so adorable.


I finally got a savanna cat in for neuter at work. It was delightful. However, these pictures I took of him (and I’m still not supposed to take pictures of other people animals, so serves me right, I guess) don’t at all do him justice; they make him look like just another tabby. Worth looking at, though.


These two mop heads actually came out of the dryer even crazier than this–

–but by the time I got them down the hall and got someone to take a picture of us, a lot of the static had fallen off. They still look like some kind of evil floating mystic tree, though, don’t they?


I think I took this video because she was doing something funny just prior, and of course stopped as soon as I started recording. This is still cute, though.

And here she is on the black couch in heavy sun from the left:


OK, an artist I’m supposedly getting a TLY commission from made these SKU charms and put them up for sale on Etsy. I just about screamed out loud, and immediately ordered them all at once. He’s got some stickers now to have more characters, and I’m also eagerly awaiting those.

It’s always been so difficult to find merchandising for SKU; seriously, I was so ridiculously happy to see these. I found a way to attach one to my phone, and now I’ma switch it out every week and have a different character with me all the time! Juri already fell off her chain link, but when I get back around to her, I’ll fix that.


Check out these adorable three tomatoes on the chicken sandwich I got:


And then check out this sweet, sweet cat:

Oftentimes calicos are full of attitude, but this one was the lovingest kitty evar, willing to nuzzle and purr you all day long. Geez, vertical video…


OK, real quick-a-like, watch this YouTube Poop:

Then you’ll understand why I sometimes like to label the surgical scrub at work as follows:




Piper did a rolla on the floor…

… while Waybee beaned not far off.

And that’s all for now.


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