State of the union — My joint pain has still been very bad, especially in the hands and wrists. I tested negative for Rheumatoid Arthritis and a variety of autoimmune disorders, so fibromyalgia is the next possibility we’re looking at. Taking a new drug that I believe is helping — it’s certainly helping me sleep better, which is a big fucking deal — but we’ll see whether it gets me through the coming work week.

All this has led to a slower work pace on creative endeavors than I’ve maintained in the past. This is frustrating and depressing at times, but life goes on. So here are some things I’ve worked on in recent days.

Communication Skill — I’ve hinted here and there in previous spots that Misao, like Sano, is (magically speaking) more than what she seems. In this part I’ve just finished up, there’s another hint along those lines. It’s all leading up to a story about Misao and Cathy (yes, Cathy) and an adventure they will have. I’m pretty excited about it. Cats are important.

As important as they may be, however, getting all one’s emotional support from them is a bad idea — even if they’ve been magically awakens to a higher level of consciousness than your average house cat. This is a lesson Hajime will learn in this story, among others.

Anyway, part 2 of this story is finished. I have not even the remotest ETA at this time as far as posting, but since I’m pretty sure nobody’s going to read it anyway, that hardly matters XD

TLY — You know sometimes you’re writing and you get the feeling that every sentence you’re putting down is going to require massive, massive editing leader? Of course everything in life needs massive, massive editing later, but sometimes you just go along and think, Geez, this is going to need so much work eventually… The scene I’m working on in TSBTS is truckin’, and it’s fun and fascinating to me, but I’m afraid it’s getting a little tedious for such an important scene near the beginning. The same thing happened in MLM with that scene where he goes back home for the first time; I busted my ass trying to get that scene down to only half as long as I had it, and still ended up with two thirds. Hopefully it won’t be quite as bad with this one, but you never know.

I don’t remember whether I mentioned my new system of doing things. I feel like I have, but things have been so scattered and neglected around here lately that I’m just going to talk about it again. I have a list of things I want to work on on weekends, many of them stories, and I’ve organized that list so like and like are not next to each other — so dictating stories and wearing out my voice is broken up by other things such as working on drawings, chores, and playing video games. Then I set a timer of 15 or 30 minutes (depending on how much weight the current list item gets on the current day), and rotate through the items on the list so I’m never doing the same thing for too long at a time. I think this helps my hands/wrists, I know it gels with my ADHD, and I come out of the day feeling extremely productive even if I only managed to work on a particular story for half an hour total. TSBTS is, of course, weighted to 30 minutes for every day of the weekend, since it’s my top priority.

To Sketch: To Suggest — Short fanfiction is weighted at 30 minutes on Sundays. I cannot get enough of Miraculous. I haven’t reached the point where I’m getting ideas for long, complicated fics, but I think it not unlikely that short pieces like this may continue to happen. Seriously, I got so excited when I rewatched Reflekta and had this idea. It’s kind of amazing to be in a fandom where I don’t have to make it an AU to get the high school drama in there. Of course it’s always a little sad writing about high school relationships, because I like romance that has long-term possibilities… and I just don’t believe in high school relationships that last (and are any kind of healthy). But it’s still really fun to play in this world. Of course this story was entirely removed from the superhero business, but when I wrote Escape From Reality in November, I loved inventing akumatized villains. So who knows what I might come up with next? I’m sure to have fun with it, in any case.

Haunted House — This original novel is weighted at 30 minutes on Saturdays, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before. I loOoOove haunted house stories, so I’ve decided to write a book and potentially a series about thems. Brother had some comment to make about haunted house movies at one point, and it got me thinking, and I came up with what I believe is a really great idea. I’m in the timelining phase right now, and soon I’ll start actual writing. So that’s pretty cool. I love my characters so far, but I think it’s the haunting that’s really got me excited. After all, the house in a haunted house story needs to be as much a character as the human characters! Maybe this book will sell XD If not, whatevs. Haunted house.

P.S. If the handful of people that have read Seeing Red happen to read this book when it’s finished, they will be reminded of some of the HOH setup for exorcism.

Blood Contingency part 24 — Drama/romance with a backdrop of fantasy/adventure is my favorite genre to write. The prominence of the fantasy/adventure varies from story to story, but the character interaction tends to be the core, the most important aspect. So when I set out to write, for example, vampire drama, I assume there’s not actually going to be all that much vampire action — at least not enough to overshadow the romance and tragedy.

And, well, that’s still the assumption. I’ve always figured anyone looking for real vampire shenanigans would be disappointed by this story. At the same time, though, there’s getting to be a healthy amount of it nonetheless, and I’m pleased. Of course what’s happening has been planned from the beginning, but I didn’t realize just how vampirey it would feel. And there’s some heavier vampire stuff coming later, but I thought that might end up being the extent of it. So this is good. I’ve got my drama and tragedy, and I may satisfy my vampire cravings as well after all.


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