Fish nets are a very important part of my job, and when I mend them, I reinforce my knots with tissue glue. So I always have tissue glue on my fingertips after I’ve mended my nets. And you know what? One’s fingerprint is almost entirely obscured thus. Just an interesting little fact there.


For The First Time In Forever, a photo of me that isn’t a selfie, because people in one’s vicinity take pictures of things like this:

It was just one piece of cheese between two pieces of bread. I have no idea why they were all so interested.


OK, yes, this one is purely to show off the adorable dress. The only other picture I have of me in it is in the scale shot of A Picture of Two Dogs, and my shoulders are oddly hunched in that one. So observe here, properly, one of my favorite dresses.


This cat that came in had one white eyeliner:


Munchkin got short legs:

And then this cat’s patient sticker:

Nobody’s gonna think that cat’s a girl.


Some sneepin’ cats on the bed in the sun:


Piper is making excellent progress learning how to cat.


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