So here’s this cheese mascot cow:

And, I mean, she’s got a tiny little hint of maybe possibly udders down at her crotch, but I’m still mostly wondering where the milk for the cheese comes from.


I’m not sure why I took pictures of this black kitten at work, but here he is doin’ a sneep and then not doin’ a sneep:


I had FOUR BENGAL KITTENS in for surgery one day. It was the best day of my life.

Also, it was the noisiest day of my life.

Srsly, for all the check-ins after the bengals arrived, I asked all my questions and told all my information in the hall outside the cat room, and only did the actual exam inside.


I suspect there will be a lot of pictures like this in future:

A co-worker had reminded me the day before that small tattoos are not too expensive, so on my day off I went and got a new one that I’d been wanting for a long time:

Yes, behind-the-ear tattoo placement is faddish. I don’t mind fads as long as I like them for their own sake. So there.


Galileo does the appropriate thing when there is a box:

Hiko does the appropriate thing when there is a Galileo in a box:


A munchkin brother and sister came in for surgery! I have seen more munchkins this year than all other years combined!


I thought Galileo had gotten too old to be painfully cute, but just look at this:

OK, so. I love Disneybounding. And I was thinking, What reason in the world is there for me not to do this in everyday life with non-Disney characters? I saw somebody online refer to this as “low-key cosplaying,” so I have adopted this term. Here is the first low-key cosplaying outfit I put together:

If you cannot guess what character I was dressing somewhat like, here is a picture of him:


Galileo has been doing this lately:

I don’t know why. He walks around on my nightstand and then just stands there under the lampshade. Does he think he is a trope?


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