Here’s another work selfie, I guess? Not sure why I took this one:


My co-worker (whose name is also Robin) has been fostering some kittins, and they are the cutest things. Here are some pictures of thems:

OK, so, after 9 months or so of bringing a salad to work every day after The Miracle, I finally burned out on salads. I started looking for another type of lunch, and, after bringing in just a single uninspiring sandwich each day for a while, I decided to return to the days of elementary school and the twelve-part lunch. So now I bring a whole bunch of crap in Ziplocs, and it’s delightful. Here you can see some celery (*__* celery) and some super-delicious sugar-free cookies:


Here’s Pikes Peak from that one spot on the way to work where I always take pictures of Pikes Peak:

And then here’s a lil orange tiger that, though cute, I’m not sure why I took pictures of:


I got the freaking cutest rainbow dress in the entire world:


Here is yet another orange tiger (this one /white) that I don’t know why I took pictures of:

OK, this client’s name made me laugh, but I have to explain why.

My mom did an arrangement of (and in fact an entire cantata based on) the Christian hymn I Stand All Amazed. She often shares with people (and in fact has a page dedicated to) the funny searches people have done on her site. And at one point someone searched for “I Stand Almoazed.” So when I saw this person’s name, I sent her a picture and a text saying, “I’ma search your site for ‘I Sam Albawab.'” Unfortunately, she didn’t find it nearly as funny as I did.

Meanwhile, I got a new lunch box for my new-style lunches:



What an adorable bun I had at work this day:

The End.


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