Nine Decades — I finally got back around to this! The plan was to have the final story to linear completion before moving on in my schedule, but, having recently posted Aku Soku Zan(za) on AO3, I wanted to move on to that in order to post something and prove definitively that it’s still being worked on. I mean, obviously I’ve been posting updates here steadily, but literally nobody has looked at them. I know this because of site stats.

Anyway. Last story of Nine Decades. It stars me, as I was as a child, as the last young caretaker of Duo we get to hear about (at least in this collection), and it’s been, like, fallling-over-giggling levels of fun writing this kid. I did the funniest shit as a child, and translating some of that to this character is hilarious. I mean, it was often very naughty shit, but no less amusing in retrospect for all that. Perhaps less for my mom.

And while Duo has met some kids with ADHD prior to this one, he isn’t familiar with the condition and therefore can’t put a name to these shenanigans. Not having a name for something makes it so much worse. Some of those kids were probably diagnosed eventually, but none of them during the time Duo was with them. That’s kindof a hidden point to this story that works with the overt point. And that’s a point that hearkens back to the point of the very first story, hopefully tying the collection together. I think it’ll be a pretty great story, and a really great series, and I’m hoping against hope someone will read it since HOH will go up on AO3 eventually here.

Site/AO3 Stuff — So, yes, AO3. My behavior on Archive Of Our Own has been ridiculous ever since I joined, but I think I have it under control now XD My attempts at getting more people to come to my site have had zero effect, so I’ve finally given in and decided to start posting shit on AO3 for reals. This can just be my own little hermit’s retreat on the internet, and maybe I’ll get some actual hits on AO3.

I’ve been plugging away at all the work remaining after the site redesign, whose first step is getting all stories properly tagged and formatted. And I’ve been posting on AO3 the stuff I’ve been working on around here. I created a new pseud there to differentiate between my current operation and Rurouni Kenshin fics, even though I’m still actively writing some RK stuff, and I feel pretty comfortable with it.

I’ve been having some fun using the AO3 “series” function to group many of the Saitou & Sano one-shots and vignettes into little universes/continua where they fit together pretty well, and I think I’ll carry that over to the site. There have always been some of those fics I considered as happening in the same continuity, and it kinda tickles me to assign more of them. Then I’ll have to decide whether to rearrange the ebook accordingly or leave it in alphabetical order.

And I haven’t quite decided how I’m going to handle HOH. I’m working on editing it all, and I’ll put it up as I get it ready to go (which I hope doesn’t take too many eons with Plastic), and, as I mentioned above, I’ll post Nine Decades both here and on AO3 concurrently. But I don’t know whether to label the stories featuring only RK characters with the “ky old RK stuff” pseud or just my actual name. ‘Cause it’s like, actual new RK stories will appear in HOH if I ever manage to get them finished/postable, and some of the stories feature both RK characters and GW characters… it kinda seems better to just put my normal name on all of it. But that does suggest more involvement in the RK fandom than I really have. I guess we’ll see.

Now I have to take a special moment to discuss He Can Be Taught. Knowing it needed one and looking through it for tags anyway, I gave it an edit before putting it back up on AO3. Which of course means I reread it. And… it is… such a good fucking story.

It may very well be the best developed and most touching romance I’ve ever written. Their relationship feels so complete by the end of the story — they love each other in so many ways, and interact so well on so many levels — I found it quite overwhelming this time through, and was brought to tears in multiple spots. And I’d like to point out that in the last year, since starting antidepressants, I don’t cry nearly as easily as I used to.

Sano’s thoughts at the end about how Saitou knew how to be a good, loyal friend and could probably teach Sano to be truer to his friends than he had been, and how much he respects and loves Saitou for that, hit me especially hard. Moral improvement as a result of love is something that always touches me deeply, and it pleased me beyond expression that, in rewriting this story, I’d added that aspect to their relationship. And at the same time, I was filled with the same old combination of rage and sorrow as I thought about how I’d written this tale of love and morality in a fandom whose creator turned out to be so hideously immoral.

I’ve largely come to grips with Dead Author’s betrayal, but there are moments when these emotions resurge, and I just want to take him by the shoulders and shake him and demand by what right he could fail in his responsibility as an artist and as a person.

Castlevania fic — AAAAAHHHHH my girl SYPHA. Of course I’ve watched Castlevania, like, fourteen times by now, and I’ve been longing to write the fanfictions thereof, but up until recently (when I read Walpurgisnacht by Ptolemia), I had no specific ideas for any stories. But good fic inspires good fic, and now I have a great idea. I’ve been getting the plot summary down and trying to restrain myself from starting to write it the very instant that’s finished. I have too many irons in the fire, as usual… but this is so exciting… Alucard & Sypha & Trevor is the best relationship, and Sypha is the best.

The story should, I believe, be cute and funny, but also forlorn leading to a happy ending. It will take some research, but into fictional things, so that shouldn’t be too uninteresting XD The really great thing about looking to write stories set in 15th-century Wallachia is that I can make a bunch of shit up about the setting and the time period, and anyone that actually knows better probably won’t be reading anyway. To a certain extent, Meiji-era Japan was like that too, but this is even better.

Exchange fic — This story has turned my weekends upside-down. Not that I haven’t been productive, ’cause I definitely have, but my normal weekend schedule is not working out while I’m so excited about this fic. It’s at 13,664 words of the rawest, most roughest of rough drafts in the history of anything ever right now. I wish I could find more exchanges like this, because it’s rare for me to have written 13k words (at whatever state of roughness) on a single story in 6 weeks. I’m so looking forward to what everyone comes up with, and I still really hope the recipient of my story enjoys it. In any case, it’ll be nice to post a fresh Gundam Wing fic after two and a half years.

I think that’s about it for now. Look for an ASZz update sometime soon!


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