15 days ’til I turn 39!


Little Animals:


So often the lighting in my house in terrible for taking pictures. I suppose I should experiment with the settings on my phone camera, and maybe use a flash sometimes? But it’s really annoying.


You know what’s the best way to start the day? With a dog in your lap and a cat on your feet.

I bought some stuff to organize a couple of my shelves better, and I’m soOoOo pleased with them now. That’s not all the shelves, of course, but it’s two I use regularly, and they’re *sniff* just… so… wonderful…


We introduced a “new client/pet” form at work to try to make some parts of the surgery check-in process more streamlined, and I’m afraid the experiment has failed. 75% of the clients don’t fill out more than half the form, and those that do make it to the bottom often write useless things.

Also, the front desk doesn’t even read these forms. They leave it up to the techs. And I don’t know about the ladies checking dogs in, but I, checking cats in, do not have time to read all of these stupid things. I wish we’d get rid of them.


On this day, I took pictures of several of my adorable kittens to try to help a friend with her headache.

The End.


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