One day until I turn 39!!


Galileo loves to get way high up on the shelves.

Lookit these cute pals:

Beeky loves him kitty.

Piper has claimed this corner of the family room for her own personal rolling-around-and-sneeping-in-different-positions place:

But sometimes she just sneeps in the little bed on the bed:

I discovered my laptop can take crappy photos!

And Waybee appear!

That was the last picture I ever took of Waybee.


See what I did with my witch hat this day:


I thought this cat at work was very beautiful:


OK, so one day I was sitting there outside of work, vapin’, and suddenly the CREEPIEST VAN IN HISTORY pulled up into our parking lot.


ZOMFG, check out this adorable poodle in recovery:


Co-worker Julia was good enough to alter a silk sheet I didn’t like (as a sheet) into some new curtains for my door.

I love them so much *___*


This poor kitty was so sad after hims surgery. He just stood there like this:

That same day, a client requested ALL the services:


I went in to work on a Saturday to try to make a dent in the laundry. I was there for 8 or 9 hours, and you can see, in these before and after shots, how much I accomplished:


Last of all, here’s Beeky enjoying a sheetless bed as usual:


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