OK, you can tell from the number of pictures here that fibromyalgia has been kicking my ass. Here we go.


Suki doesn’t like Hiko much, though she’s not afraid of him. Hiko, of course, is like, NEW FRIEND?!? and gets too exuberant for her. But here they are coexisting in peace:


That makes every cat, I believe, I’ve gotten a picture of on the scrub shelves.


I’ve started doing DoorDash and Shipt on weekends to see if delivery driving is a viable career option for me. And I delivered some food from Fat Shack. I had never heard of Fat Shack, and I had to take a picture of their menu because I’ve rarely seen anything so horrifying in my life. In case you too are unfamiliar with Fat Shack, here’s what they sell:

All the delivery services I’ve been signing up for (or trying to) want a picture of me. Of course I’ve been sitting around in my pajamas a lot, suffering, but I did finally manage to get dressed one day and get a semi-decent selfie:

And that’s all, folks!


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