Witness my new favorite alternate spelling, courtesy of a customer as usual:

Somebody has about a million (real number somewhere in the 20’s) of these little ragdolls, and they’re selling them for, like, $3000. Everyone at the clinic laughed at the price, but fell no less in love with all these kittens. Perhaps I took too many pictures, but it was the last set of deathly adorable cats I ever took pictures of at the clinic, and you gotta go out with a bang, right?


This lil cutie pales in comparison, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t worth a picture:

I encouraged one of the fluffers to walk around so he could feature in a video:


I will not miss detangling the mopheads. But sometimes I might miss the interesting configurations they make under the influence of static.


Miiiiss Suuuuki Suuuue. You know that I love you.



Say goodbye to the clinic with this last video.


One day while working (I can say that now about courier stuff), I took a selfie of part of my cute outfit.


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