It’s that time of year again! The month in which I try to write as many small stories as possible, based on prompts from anyone and everyone!

The rules are the same as for Monthly Story Prompts, and on that page you’ll also find a list of fandoms I’m familiar with in case you want fanfiction (which you probably do ;) So please, if you’re interested (or if you’re just interested in humoring me), drop me a line here or there or anywhere!

Due to delays, I am EXTENDING THIS YEAR’S NQF until December 14th.

Stories so far:

Supergirl, She-Ra, and Raphael Save the Day (Original)

Click here to see stories from previous years (and a couple of Productivity Logs).


  1. Anonymous

    So how about Phantom of the opera but like Erik is a decent person and doesn’t treat Christine poorly so he may actually have a chance at being with her over Raoul. -Julia

    • kuroiyousei

      Thanks so much! I shall ponder and come up with something!

  2. MangoFox

    How about a Netflix-Castlevania songfic based on Breaking Benjamin’s “Without You”.

    My idea is that our band of three heroes is near the end of a quest to defeat a certain villain, but the group is falling apart. The actual identity of the villain doesn’t matter, and can be anything. What does matter is that it’s very important to defeat this villain; and it’s clear that the trio’s ability to fight against them effectively will depend on whether they can hold the group together or not. Over the course of one scene or a handful of short scenes, the group tackles with their issues with each other as much they tackle the actual opposition leading up to their boss battle.

    During this, the characters keep using quotes from the song in their dialogue (or there are at least obvious references to quotes from the song). However, they never use the phrase at the core of the song. Finally, when the crux of the party-drama issue has come up, Trevor tries to tell Alucard, “I can’t face the dark without you.” However, Alucard cuts him off before he can finish the phrase, annoyed that Trevor was about to say something so sappy. And then, with group harmony clearly restored, they go off to kick the villain’s butt (although I don’t think the final fight itself needs to be in the story).

    (Note that Trevor and Alucard’s roles could be switched.)

    • kuroiyousei

      This definitely sounds interesting. I will get to it!


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