Working exclusively on the backlog won’t help me get back on track, so here is the latest Two Weeks In Photos even though there’s still a big gap between this and the last one. I did get all the photos organized today, though; it’s just a matter of getting them all posted.


Here are some adorable cats:


And here is an uninteresting picture:

I just wanted to mention that I found these personal care items, after about 15 minutes of searching and even asking the Head Clerk, on the SEASONAL AISLE. With the VALENTINE’S DAY STUFF. Sometimes I really hate grocery stores.


However, I do find the sight of Cadbury eggs very cheerful and pleasant. I don’t even eat them anymore, but just look at thems!


Disney still hasn’t figured out where lies the fine line between sassy and flirtatious.

OK, these puddings…

These are simultaneously completely idiotic and the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Dragon magic? Stardust? Like, what?

And here we have the implication that the main cause of stress in playing chess is not being able to remember how the pieces move. Take away that problem, and it’s easy as $18 pie!


Meanwhile, people are assholes to DC Comics fans that don’t eat sugar.

This day I wore my Darth Vader tie with a red cardigan. It worked pretty well, I thought.


I’ve probably taken this picture before, but she’s just so damn cute like this:


So I’m looking for a new winter coat. Mine is amazing and I love it forever, but its zippers are broken, so there’s always this trench of bitter cold down my front. I wear scarves, but that just complicates things. There are a million really adorable ladies’ winter coats that have everything I need except the deal-breaking inside breast pocket. I even wishlisted some of them on Amazon, but I’ll never buy them because that pocket is simply essential. Apparently women carry fewer things than men, so of course men need more pockets. So I switched to looking at men’s coats, and didn’t have a lot of luck in the “really adorable” department there. But one of the ladies’ coats I saw had this picture:

I have pondered this deeply, and I am still in the dark about the ball someone can not afford.

Galileo still comes and hangs out in my room a lot, but I feel like he’s been less cute around me since Suki appear. I think he’s doing it to punish me. But I still get some fine pictures of him now and then.

And here’s my Beeksome Boy:

Little Animals Triangulate!!

And more cats on the bed:

Suki was out cold on my lap one day.


I love useful street signs. Check this one out:

Is it really, though?


Some kind of Dell or something sticker that was on my laptop came off, and the remaining gooey glue (for chewy chewing) gave my finger a lot of entertainment until it all wore off. I thought this pattern looked kinda cool:


Last of all, here’s a video my brother took. I was so glad he managed it, because I had never been able to get a good video of Suki frantically chasing her tail.


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