At Target I saw this precious Toothless stuffed toy:

“Stuff I Saw While Working” is going to have its own abbreviation from now on, BTW, since it’s obviously going to keep popping up.


I can’t get over these smol canned vegetables King Soopers carries:

Like, I want to buy them all and put them in a playhouse somewhere.

That same day, I saw this Sparkle Lights Mermaid Barbie at Target:

This is so weird to me. Why does only her fin glow, and not the rest of her body? What’s the purpose of this glow? What evolutionary benefit does it grant? It changes color as you squeeze, by the way. Do mermaids have human toys whose legs glow when you press their hips? Or are they looking at this going WTF every bit as much as I am?


OK, this set of corner shelves has been in our family room for about a thousand years–

–but I never until this day noticed the penises. Not once. Not a hint of notice. Probably because it usually has all soup bowls on it and the penises are obscured, but still.

Also, every time I see this, I giggle:

Like, don’t tease me! You can’t promise me a video call with Duo and then not deliver!! That was the last screenshot I ever took on my Galaxy S8 before trading it in and getting a Note 10+



I think this was the first picture I took with my 10+. At least the first non-work-related picture.

I find this phone has good automatic adjustments for lighting and such. Probably my old phone had good camera settings too, but they weren’t automatic and I never figured them out.

Meanwhile, my mom took this picture and sent it to me:

Geez, that corner is a mess. Anyway, mom said Piper actually went down in there and hung out for a while. It’s not too deep a vase to prevent easy exit, unlike the other, giant one the cats are always interested in.

Same day. I saw this outfit on a mannequin at Target, and had to document it because what:



Even an amazing new phone can’t entirely deal with the weird lighting in my bedroom, though. But here are Stipety and Pipety on the rug:

As soon as Piper saw I was paying attention to her, she did her pose:

And then Suki decided she wanted in on this action:


And the next morning, Beeky was such a cute cuddlebug in bed:



Which brings us to yesterday. Galileo was perched in and amongst the Christmas decorations THAT WE TOTALLY DON’T ACTUALLY STILL HAVE UP IN FEBRUARY, and brother took some pictures of him and sent them to me. Here is one:


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