Sofia the First one-shot — This time, I wrote about 1k words on this story. I felt satisfied with that much progress, so I moved on in my list. That may become a standard for the one-shots on the list, and it may not.

Anyway, this story is obviously about Amber and Sofia, who are in love. I don’t know that I’m satisfied with the conversation they’ve had so far; I need to up my game as far as characterization. But the difference between 10 (or however the hell old they are in the series) and 20something is not the same difference as, say, in a GW fic between 15 and 25. But I’ll get a handle on it eventually.

Working Order

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One cool thing about this story already is that I get to describe elaborate, beautiful things. That’s inevitable when Amber’s involved! But what I really can’t wait to get to is their love discussion. It’s going to be awesome.

Sano and Kaoru’s Phone Log — As I’ve mentioned before, I have a good imagination, but there are some things I don’t feel like I can conjure up a good understanding of. I can imagine what it’s like to have a young daughter, but I have a hard time imagining an adult daughter and how I would interact with her.

So in this story, when Kaoru’s about to tell Sano how her parents reacted to her explanation of the last year’s events (minus the murder), I was kindof at a loss. Not only did I have a hard time imagining how I would react in her parents’ shoes, I’m also way way too close to the supernatural events and nature of this universe; it was difficult to muster the necessary skepticism and subsequent deep concern.

Fortunately! my own awesome parents are good at answering hypothetical questions, and never mind me bursting in like, “So say you had a daughter……”

Only then it turned out Kaoru didn’t actually tell Sano about it in this part XD Still, I had to question my sister as well, because Kaoru has her former job. So it was really a family affair! And Kaoru will tell Sano next time.

Redone writing order/Valley — Recently (while reading The Chestnut Soldier), I was struck with the beginnings of an idea for a story/novel, which quickly grew into a full summary. It has no title yet, but there’s a valley involved. I’m excited about it, of course, and, as usual, already love my darling characters.

But I realized, as I was plotting it out, that I somehow manage to work very little on any of my original stuff these days. I used to have a schedule, which sometimes worked, but I gave that up when I left my old job, and now original stuff, just like the one-shots I mentioned last time, have kinda been relegated to “when I have the chance.” And I want to get to these already-beloved characters sooner than that!

So I redid my working order. Again. I added all my original stuff, with particular emphasis on TSBTS (TLY book 2) and a slot for miscellaneous works. This allowed me to put in a slot for miscellaneous fanfiction one-shots as well, which pleases me because I was wondering when I’d ever have a chance to work on the STTOS fic I have planned. I also doubled the slots for HR and BC, since those ones are being posted and shouldn’t have such long gaps. I mean, they already have long gaps, so, you know. And there’s still plenty of ASZz in there.

Aaaaanyway. For this valley story, I was originally thinking about late-20’s-to-late-30’s lesbians as the main characters, and they would fall in love by the end. I wasn’t thinking this because it had anything to do with the story, only because it’s my default setting. But I’ve been watching so much Sailor Moon lately that I started thinking it might be fun to write about teenagers for a change. Turns out they’re both agender, and, though they’ll obviously be together eventually, it’ll only be hinted at during the course of this story.

Oh, and they have friends, too. I sometimes get so focused on a romantic pairing that I keep all the other people around them faceless and to minimal importance in the story. I kinda have to force myself to think about other characters XD This is easier when I’m not all gaga about the romance, and something I definitely have to work hard to accomplish.

I don’t think I mentioned my new world. See, I’m always coming up with ideas for cultures and races and geographies and stuff, and I don’t always have stories to use them in. So I decided to just populate a world of my own with thems, and then use them if the opportunity arises.

And I was just working out the various aspects of the biggest country of the most common race on the planet when this story idea struck. So I thought, why not make my characters members of that race? Stories about humans are so done, after all.

Of course then they turned out not to come from or live in that country, so I still had to do a lot of worldbuilding for their two societies. But since that’s fun and adds to my world, I don’t mind at all. Anyway, they’re so cute and young and like smol childs I can imagine having.

Heretic’s Reward Chapter 34 — And speaking of lots of worldbuilding that didn’t technically need to happen. I just love this story so damn much. And I’ve reached such a fun point where I get to torture Sano where my POV character has realized his true feelings, but the non-POV object of his affection isn’t giving any hint about his. And this chapter is aaaalllll about messing with Sano that particular drama. Mmmm.

I get to invent five dreams for this chapter. Well, technically three, since I made two of them yesterday. That’s been such a fun part of this story all along. Sano’s consciousness often kinda takes over, though they’re still a blend, which means they’re a lot sillier than Hajime’s dreams alone would be, but are still suffused with Hajime’s sense of purpose. The question is: will Sano give himself away in his dreams in the coming days? And how will Hajime react? This chapter bares all!!


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