Heretic’s Reward chapter 34 and new interludes — So obviously chapter 34 didn’t have five dreams in it. Not really to my surprise, I ended up having to divide it in two. Aaaactually, when I went to start this chapter, I found I already had another one planned in this spot anyway; I knew too well that Katsu’s introduction to Hajime and Tokio wouldn’t deal well with being condensed. So, yeah. More dreams next time.

I hadn’t anticipated Sano’s depression in this chapter, because I forgot about how exhausted he is. But it came all too naturally to write someone whose pain and exhaustion is affecting their mood and abilities XD He’ll feel better in the next one, I promise.

Working Order

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Well, he won’t have the too-little-sleep-after-pushing-himself problem, anyway. Other emotional complications may still be present.

As for the new interludes… so the thing is, these three (and in case you can’t figure out what I’m talking about, this is >13, >16, and >20) were the bulk of the first chapter of a story I was writing about these characters — Relentless Courtship. The title had a little pun in it, since Imau did indeed (as we shall see in another new interlude when I get to it) follow Noru aboard ship to deal with the pirate problem more personally and directly. So why, you may ask, did I choose to ditch that story and put what I’d written of it into Heretic’s Reward?

Yeah, that answer is very simple: I realized I was going to have to write a bunch of nautical shit. Not merely nautical shit, but nautical shit rearranged and renamed to fit into this fantasy world I’ve got going on while dancing around the question of why nobody has cannon. I definitely wasn’t up to that. And this time around the HR block, I figured the writing I’d done would be better off as part of this story than languishing unread. (Little joke there; no one’s ever going to read it as part of HR either.)

Is it relevant? Yes. Will some of these characters appear in HR and be more familiar thanks to the inclusion of these interludes? Yes. Is there a great tragedy brewing that will answer a question presented early on in HR that probably nobody remembers? Absolutely. Therefore, I’m pleased with myself for the idea of adding these bits to HR, even if they feel more like what they originally were than HR interludes as the reader has become familiar with them.

Fan sbemail — Remember how I said I wanted to make some kind of short film with my new phone because I love it and its video powers? And how I was thinking maybe I’d do a Lady Macbeth scene? Well, I decided on something a little less cultured but far more awesome: I’m making my own sbemail!

I needed to think of something that wouldn’t require many or any props or costumes, or anyone else involved. The logistics of the Lady Macbeth scene (which I may still do sometime) have eluded me, but for this project I already had pretty well everything I needed: actors (figurines), scenery (dollhouse furniture and construction paper), a crap-ton of sentence-mixing material (the entire canon), and an eno~orrmous imaginaaaation!! The one piece of equipment I still need is something to help me shoot — I’m looking at a tripod on Amazon that can put your phone at a fixed angle of your choosing… I just don’t know if I can use it for smooth pans, and that’s pretty important. It’s not too expensive, though, so I’ll probably just go for it and see if it works.

I’m pretty hyped about this. I’ve been working on the audio track, and it’s coming along nicely. It’s pure YTP-style sentence mixing, but I think my script isn’t bad. Strong Bad’s never going to forgive me for this, but some things you just have to do in the name of science and progress.

TSBTS — The new working order is working already. I finished the scene I was kinda hovering on, and we got to meet my girl’s hot sister. (No one else will think she’s hot XD But my girl thinks her sister is the most beautiful person in the world.) I also did some tweaking to my organization, and have clearer vision now regarding plot and buildup. I still need better scene summaries, but I can see my way to them much better now. I’m extremely pleased with my progress!

Another new book??? — Um, yes, another new book. I was playing Skyrim the other night, and something happened to my character that sent me off on this long train of interesting thought — the end result of which was, “Let’s inflict this situation on a 9-year-old.” So this is a book about a little girl in difficult circumstances even an adult would have a hard time with. There’s a school of magic involved, and it’s set in my new fantasy world. And the girl? Already my smol daughter.

This idea struck me while I was up way too late, so I thought about it in bed and then all the following day while I worked. Then yesterday I spent pretty much the entire day plotting and figuring stuff out, and all of a sudden this book that hit me less than 48 hours ago is more thoroughly plotted and set up than the valley one I started weeks ago O_o (I am working on the valley story, though — just one thing I gotta arrange, and then it’ll be fully plotted too.)


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