I am a male woman. Pronouns are they/them or she/her. Here’s why I chose these words:

The various non-binary/genderqueer titles are all palatable to a certain extent, but only “male woman” seems to truly fit what I want: an expression of womanhood that also includes my masculine self (and sounds good to me). It already feels so much more accurate than saying, “I am a woman.” Just a little caveat in there to state that, though I’m a woman, that doesn’t include everything I am as far as gender identity. Yay!

And though I don’t mind “she/her” at all, since I am a woman, I also like “they/them.” Not so much because it’s non-gendered (though that’s nice too), but because it’s plural. It acknowledges that, if I may put it this way, we are a pretty consistent feminine self and an occasional masculine self. Despite this pleasant plural (and the fact that I often use ‘we’ when talking to myself), I’ll stick with the singular they/them.

Now to go change my bio!


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