My mother specifically requested this for her 2020 Christmas present. It’s based on a photo of her grandparents (a photo you will never see and that hopefully she never looks at again for comparison XD), but please don’t ask me what the hell that table thing is or what they’re messing with in their hands.

Mom didn’t want the background from the photo, though I liked it (it was just a sparsely-forested landscape), so my hands were a little tied on the background. I think the gradient works, though, and draws the focus right to their faces as it’s supposed to. I used a newish technique on this piece — blending the graphite colors with paper blenders before shading — and I really like how that turned out; and it’s a mixture of B’s and H’s in, I think, judicious combination.

The only thing I don’t like (besides the weird bodily proportions that are one of my specialties) is grandma’s face, which I worked really hard on and then worked really hard on a second time and never managed to be satisfied with. Fortunately, NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW because I’m going to erase the original photo from existence with my laser vision HAHA!!