It’s been another million weeks since the last “Two Weeks” post, so here I catch up again. Spoons come and go, you know? Anyway.


I got a new haircut, and it’s wonderful. I thought I looked cute this day.


I wanted this stocking, but could only afford to document it:


So this Play-Doh set lets you make a little house, and there are LITTLE PEOPLES to play with in the house, and they are SO FREAKING CUTE:


I’ve been reading a bunch of early DC comics lately, especially when I was out sick from working, and, though I tried to restrain myself from taking a million screenshots, I took a million screenshots.


I’ll leave you to make fun of these yourself.


OK, here’s a basic box of Hostess Twinkies. The reason I took a picture of it is that I’m really pleased with them for their simplistic package design. Yes, there’s a terrible mascot character, but there’s not a bunch of text about how long they’ve been in business or how long Twinkies have been a beloved American snack food and all that nonsense. And if anyone deserves that kind of horn-tooting, it’s Hostess Twinkies XD

Some darlings.


This one I actually took for a reference for fanfiction, since I specifically needed a statue in Metropolis.


Superman’s about to kiss this guy. It’s all very surreal.



Capitalism is weird.

In this screenshot from Wonder Woman, we see an elephant that was drawn with longing.

And in this one, Etta Candy hits us with Goddess’s Own Truth. I love Etta.


Since I put off my colonoscopy from October to December, the prep kit they gave me sat around in my room for two months extra, so I saw it all the freaking time before I ever used it. We won’t talk about what it was like to use it.

Doesn’t it… doesn’t it just look like someone typo’d “Super Bowl?” XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD


Yes, please do show us how Batman and J’onn made out!


I’ve mentioned before that the one good thing to come out of BSSM Crystal is a new wave of merchandising. Now this little sanitizer thing is hanging from my rear-view mirror.

There are some moments in these old DC titles that make me laugh until I’m crying and can’t breathe properly.


Meanwhile, this — the first panel in this Justice League story — is just good, solid storytelling:


This kitty knows she’s pretty.


I wrapped this present for my bro. What you can’t tell is that the only thing in this enormous box is a thumb drive the size of a thumb nail XD


I just wanted to document how early the “pose that shows both boobs and butt” started. Of course I’m too lazy to look up the year for this, but you can easily tell how early the art is.


Some more presents. Brother wrapped the incredibly cute one in the front, and I wrapped the less cute but still cute one behind it.

Our tree and presents looked nice and festive and cheerful:


I found this huge pillow at Target, and it made me laugh so hard:

These tribbles don’t reproduce; they just get fat.


So I put together an outfit featuring my pinstripe coat and my black and yellow scarf, two items I’ve owned for years (many years on the coat).

I noticed how Hufflepuff the ensuing outfit looked, and I considered throwing my witch hat into the mix to make it a low-key cosplay. But it’s pretty uncomfortable showing off the Harry Potter love right now — or at least I’d prefer not to do it until I get a big trans pride button. So I left the hat off. But I made sure to put it on and get a picture when I got home that day:


Look at this. Just LOOK AT THIS:

This is the greatest thing that has ever happened in life. Do you know how much time I spend stressfully peering through the darkness at unlit houses with invisible numbers? Do you know what a glorious heart attack I almost had when I delivered to this house with its CLEARLY BACKLIT NUMBER??? And can’t you just imagine how easy it would be for the ambulance to find me if I had actually had a heart attack at this address??? Unlike every other fucking house on that street???

I had to send a text to the customer thanking them on behalf of delivery drivers everywhere. I couldn’t even express how much I loved this. They replied that they’ve been told that by multiple drivers in the past. It was so wonderful.

P.S. That day I wore my pineapple dress with a tunic top underneath it to mitigate its sleevelessness. The outfit wasn’t the level of cute that I usually take selfies of, but it was cute enough, and I was disappointed it would be hidden by my coat all day, so I took this:


Beeky was being really cute one day. He pawed at me, and when I lifted the blanket, he curled up by my legs.


I was trying to draw Kalkya and Naret in makeup, but I stopped taking progress shots eventually because the picture turned out to suck. But the lineart was OK, and I learned some good stuff about my made-up medium (pun intended).

This is the first time I’ve gotten eyeliner to work for me in one of these attempts, so I’m really pleased with that.

Poe-damned sparkles ruin everything.


Last of all, here’s that cutie again:


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