Someone picked that up in the vampire-hunting department, eventually realized they didn’t need it, and couldn’t be arsed to walked all the way back to the correct section of the store to put it back on the right shelf.


This picture is equal parts adorable and distressing. Hiko’s lil face looks so much like that of a teddy bear, without any soul or emotion…

That same day, my new phone case arrive!

It has a kickstand that I’ve used to watch Star Trek in bed ^__^


I’d never worn that shirt with that tie before, and I’m still up in the air about how well it worked.


In order to mail a picture to a friend, I wanted some cardboard to protect it in the package. I cut up an Amazon box, and it worked perfectly. But the rest of the box! What happens there?

Piper claims it for her own and starts eating it. This is one of her hobbies.


I don’t even know why I thought this was worth taking a screenshot of, but here’s a view of my calendar:

Some events on there are from the calendars of family members. One of them was doing something with a bishop, and it amused me that the word ended up right near “Castlevania” in my working order event, because Bishop Castlevania would be the funniest thing evar.

This same day, I held hands with Suki:


On Valentine’s Day I did a spell. Whether its desired effect was created has yet to be seen, but at the same time it seemed to make me look really cute. Unfortunately, I couldn’t capture that cuteness on camera. But here, at least, you can see how my cell phone saw me:


No cat has ever sat on these pillows like this before:

Look at Suki with her butt planted right on Kenshin’s face.

What a cutie.


Earlier today, I had two cats on me, and I was able to take this wonderful picture:


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